EU, OSCE concerned as Ukraine's Oleg Sentsov starves in Russian prison for 89 days

17:38, 10 August 2018

The current health conditions of Ukrainian political prisoner and film director Oleg Sentsov causes serious concern of the many in Ukraine and the EU.

The inmate’s been starving since May 2018, and it’s been 89 days now. French leader Emmanuel Macron is to discuss the Ukrainian citizen’s release during his upcoming negotiations with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin; the telephone conversation might took place on Friday, Deutsche Welle says.

Harlem Desir, OSCE High Representative for media freedom also asked the Russian government to set Sentsov free. I repeat my call for his release. It is urgent now, his Twitter post says.

As is known, the Ukrainian filmmaker has been serving time in the high-security penal colony of Labytnangi, northern Russia. He demands to release him and the rest of Ukrainian political prisoners.

Sentsov refuses to take anything but water and the critical minimum of nutrition mixture.