Dutch parliamentary elections: center-right Mark Rutte's resounding victory

19:07, 16 March 2017

The results of the elections to the Lower House of the Netherlands became known. Dutch centre-right Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his People's Party for Freedom and Democracy scored a resounding victory.

Rutte's Party won 33 (thirty three) of parliament's 150 (hundred and fifty) seats, which is less than in 2012 (two thousand twelve). His main opponent far right Geert Wilders won 20 seats.

Wilders was rumored to win the elections. He stands for exit from the European Union, wants to forbid Koran in the country and refuse to ratify Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

The biggest loser in the elections was Labor Party, it lost 20 mandates. Whereas, the ‘greens lefts’ improved their results, gaining 14 seats. Four parties are needed to form the coalition. The activeness of voters reached its highest level – almost 78% (seventy eight percent) of people came to vote.