Crimean court sentences "saboteur" Panov to eight years in jail

15:22, 13 July 2018

Yevhen Panov, the Ukrainian citizen detained and judged in Crimea, got sentenced to eight years behind the bars of a high-security colony. The Crimean court announced the verdict in the case of the man, charged with preparing 'sabotage acts' in Crimea in summer 2016.

Panov already spent two years in detention at the pre-trial facility; this term is counted in his current prison term, so he will have to serve the time of six years.

Yevhen Panov is also accused of illegal storage of weapons and ammunition and an attempt to smuggle arms and ammunition.
The Ukrainian does not admit his guilt. The convict may file the appeal over the period of ten days since the verdict was announced; lawyer Olga Dinze already said she would do so.