Covid-19 in Europe: Air companies cancel flights

20:03, 10 March 2020

Several airlines made the decision to cancel flights, as governments in many countries canceled mass events and ruled that the traffic between these countries will be restricted. That includes Ukraine's International Airlines (UIA), Wizz Air and Ryanair.

Specifically, UIA cancels flights to Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Israel, Spain, Great Britain, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland and Denmark. The second frequency of separate domestic flights in Ukraine is canceled, too.

Ukraine's International Airlines will inform all registered passengers if any changes take place in the schedule. UIA also recommends that passengers check the status of flights several days before the sortie - via the official website or the contact centre.

Wizz Air canceled flights to Italy for the period from March 10 till April 3. The company's aircraft will not fly to and from Tel Aviv and Eilat (Israel) from March 12 to March 23.

Ryanair ceased to perform flights to and from Italy starting from March 9.