Covid-19 hysteria: Protests in central Ukraine over, citizens under quarantine

20:28, 21 February 2020

As the protests in Poltava region calmed down, the National Guards are still working in the boosted security mode.

The Ukrainian citizens who were evacuated from China came to the local sanitarium on February 20, as the government decided that they should be put on the two week-long quarantine in the town of Novi Sanzhary. A correspondent of 112 Ukraine is there; she saw a van carrying food supplies for the people inside the local medical centre.

On Thursday, some protesters approached the sanitarium and threw stones at the buses with passengers inside. No one was hurt in these attacks. The angry protesters clashed with the police. 24 people were detained. The Interior Ministry promises a due investigation into the incident in order to find out if the people were instigated to munity.