Court considers changing pre-trial restriction for driver who killed six people

17:32, 13 December 2017

Kyiv district court in Kharkiv continues to look into the case of Olena Zaitseva, the 21-year-old driver who ran over a crowd, killing six people in October 2017. 

The court considers changing the pre-trial restriction, as she stays at a pre-trial detention center. The prosecution asked for keeping Zaitseva in the cell for another 60 days, without the right for a bailout. The court also considers changing the pre-trial restriction for another suspect Hennadiy Dronov, involved in the same road accident.

The tragedy occurred in Kharkiv in October 2017; Olena Zaitseva who drove Lexus ran over the crowd of bystanders. Six people lost their lives, another five were injured.