Condition of Ukrainian political prisoner Pavlo Gryb deteriorates

18:48, 21 March 2019

Pavlo Gryb, Ukrainian political prisoner feels worse, as he himself said this during the court hearing. He complained about nausea and stomach ache. Hromadske news agency released the video showing the young man wearing a medical mask, holding on to the metal constructions of the glass cell where he stays.

He once again stated that his case was politically motivated and asked for medical help. The judges announced a break and called the doctors who detected fever and the exacerbation of gastritis. But then, the session was resumed. Prosecutors ask to sentence Gryb to six years in prison. 

According to his lawyers, he suffers symptoms of several serious diseases of heart, liver and spleen, as well as the Alzheimer disease; however, he still has no access to due treatment. Pavlo Gryb, the son of Ukrainian Border Guard officer, was detained in Belarus in 2017. They charged him with preparing a terrorist act.