Chechen volunteer Amina Okueva killed in Kyiv region

17:47, 31 October 2017

Chechen volunteer Amina Okueva was murdered in Kyiv on Monday evening. The tragedy occurred in Kyiv region. Amina and her husband Adam Osmaev were driving home and stopped at a railroad crossing in the village of Glevakha, when two killers opened fire from machineguns.

Osmaev who drove the car was wounded to the leg and survived; he underwent surgery and now stays at a hospital. Amina was fatally shot in the head. Adam Osmaev, the police and the security service claimed there is a group of Russian saboteurs behind the attack. The search of the perpetrators is underway. The attack on the married couple is qualified as a contracted murder.

Amina Okueva served as a medic, formerly the fighter of Kyiv-2 special task force of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry. She volunteered during the Euromaidan movement in 2014 and then joined the government troops to fight the pro-Russian militants in Donbas conflict. Like her husband, Amina was considered the major enemy of Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.