Attack on Donetsk airport defender in Kyiv: assailants detained, prosecuted

17:09, 7 May 2018

Prosecutor’s office charged a 25-year-old girl of the attack on Dmytro Verbych, the veteran of Donbas conflict and the survivor of the battle in Donetsk airport. She is accused of hooliganism, which may lead to an imprisonment - from three to seven years in jail.

The organizer of the attack, the Russian citizen, currently flees from justice in Poland. The suspect and another three attackers were detained in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, after they assaulted Verbych in Kyiv on May 2. According to the detainees, they attacked him because he was wearing a T-shirt with national symbols on it.

The assailants stabbed Verbych with a knife and tried to finish him with the hammer. The man managed to hit back, and they got away. The war veteran was taken to a hospital, his life is beyond danger now.