Attack on Chechen volunteers in Kyiv: New details of investigation

19:55, 13 June 2017

The assailant who tried to kill pro-Ukrainian Chechen fighters Adam Osmaev and Amina Okueva tried to record the murder on camera. Okueva said this in an interview with Ukrainian media.

According to her, the attacker asked her to hold the cellphone while doing a selfie, which he chose as the moment to try killing them. As the shooter opened fire, she dropped the phone and opened return fire; however, the audio recorder must have recorded the sound of what was going on. This should help the investigation; the audio record will be released as soon as possible, Okueva said.

The murder attempt took place in Kyiv on June 1; the killer wounded Osmaev, while Okueva shot him in return, stopping the attacker.