Assault on Avdiivka: Russia-backed militants use mortars and heavy artillery

19:05, 30 January 2017

The fierce fighting is underway at the Svitlodarsk bulge, Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine. Russia-backed militants used heavy weapons, shooting at Ukrainian soldiers and the houses of civilians as well. Snipers and machine gunners opened fire on Sunday. Groups of Russia-backed mercenaries approached the Ukrainian positions at night, but their attacks are repelled.

In the early morning of January 29, Russia-backed militants landed mortar strikes on Avdiivka, the town in the vicinities of Donetsk, controlled by the Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian troops took casualties – five dead and nine wounded; besides, another three civilians were injured. Donetsk region Prosecutor's Office defined the shelling of residential areas in Avdiivka as a terrorist act.

Meanwhile, the law enforcement officers work in a robust security regime. They are patrolling the streets and provide first aid for the local residents. The joint task force unit has also been sent to the city to maintain control over the situation. Some neighborhoods are cut off from electricity, many private houses are damaged, and the mobile communications are failing.