1986 Chornobyl disaster: first classified U.S. intelligence report released

19:14, 20 August 2019

The National Security Archive released the first classified report of the U.S. intelligence that concerned Chornobyl nuclear catastrophe in April 1986. The document was created on May 2, 1986, a week after the explosion of the fourth nuclear reactor of Chornobyl power plant.

The report states that the official data provided by the Soviet authority was a nonsense. The U.S. intelligence insisted that the actual number of casualties was at least a hundred people, while Moscow only claimed two fatalities in the accident.

Chornobyl nucmear disaster, the largest man-made catastrophe known to this day, happened in April 1986. The Soviet authorities initally tried to conceal the true scale of the tragedy. People were forbidden to leave the town of Prypiat for some time in order to avoid any information leaks.