11 Ukrainians died as Ukraine’s passenger aircraft crashes in Iran

19:00, 8 January 2020

Boeing 737 of Ukraine's International Airlines, flight PS752 with 179 passengers aboard crashed in Tehran, not far from Imam Khomeini airport. No one of those aboard, including 11 Ukrainians survived the tragedy.

The aircraft was on its way from Tehran to Kyiv. The crash took place soon after the takeoff. Iranian media reported that, quoting the airport administration. The officials said that the reason for the crash was a "technical malfunction" of the plane's engine. The Ukrainian air company that owned the aircraft denied that there was such a malfunction; a pilot's mistake was ruled out, too.

Later that day, the Iranian government refused to send the flight recorders to Ukraine, which means Kyiv will not be able to conduct its own investigation of the tragedy. Ukraine's Cabinet already created an Emergency Response Center, which works to provide various sorts of assistance to the families of the victims.