Zelesnky calls on parliament to 'stop kicking lame duck’ and appoint inauguration on May 19

Source : 112 Ukraine

The President-elect stated this in his recorded video message to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
22:00, 10 May 2019

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President-Elect Volodymyr Zelensky recorded a message to the parliament, where he called on the MPs to appoint the date of the inauguration on May 19 in order to cease the staff activity of the current President Petro Poroshenko.  

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 “I appeal to all the Ukrainian people. Dear MPs. I hope that in three weeks, while you were resting, you have not forgotten the text of a deputy's oath - to perform their duties in the interests of all compatriots. So far, you are acting exclusively in your own interests: you are afraid of dissolving of the parliament and that is why you are delaying the appointment of the inauguration date. In addition, while you are concerned about your credentials, former president Poroshenko acts irreversibly. He rearranges the highest command of the army. He tries to promote his head to the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting. He appoints the judges of the Supreme Court; among them are a Roshen lawyer, the Maidan judge, and Mr. Kivalov's relatives. Poroshenko grants the titles of generals to more than 20 people, among them – responsible for the safety of arsenals and warehouses, in which explosions occurred in Balaklia, Ichnia, Kalinovka and Svatov cities. He also grants the title of Hero of Ukraine to the Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Mr. Hrytsak. However, I understand that it is useless to say something to a man who says he is ready to support and help, but instead just gives us fingers behind our backs,” Zelensky stated.

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Zelensky compared Poroshenko to an uneducated tourist in an Egyptian hotel.

“This reminds me of a tourist in an Egyptian hotel. Tomorrow he should go home, the suitcases are packed, the room is cleaned, and a normal and polite person would have been already waiting for the transfer to the airport. But not Poroshenko. He cannot stop. He takes the towels, slippers and everything else from the buffet. I ask you to hand over the key, to pay for the mini-bar and to go forward, as you still have to pass customs and passport control,” the elected president said.

He urges the MPs to appoint the inauguration to May 19, naming Poroshenko a lame duck.  

"That's why I appeal to the Verkhovna Rada. You should appoint the date of the inauguration on May 19 at the soonest session. It is not my demand - this is what the people of Ukraine demand, in whose interests you swore to act. You have to stop these political kicks of the lame duck. The country needs the normal work. People do not have to wait until someone wants to appoint a lot of people before taking a long vacation. Think, please, not about MPs' credentials. Think about Ukraine. May 19, Vote,” Zelensky added.

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