Zelensky’s team apologized for ‘joke’ on impossibility to reduce tariffs for people

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Gerus emphasized that the president twice convened the meetings on tariffs’ issue
19:03, 12 June 2019

Andry Gerus, the Representative of the President in the Government

Representative of the President in the Government Andry Gerus apologized for his statement that promises of Volodymyr Zelensky to reduce tariffs is a joke as he reported on Facebook referring to the lack of the experience in the talks with the journalists.

Gerus recognized that the issue of the tariffs is painful and it is a bad topic for jokes or unguarded comments.

“Actually, President Zelensky twice convened the meeting on the possibility of the reduction of the tariffs for people. But it should take place not causing the devaluation, additional inflation or economic crisis. The work on this issue continues,” he assured.

According to the representative of the president, a capable parliament and new changes are needed for the particular changes.

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Generally, the plan to address this issue, according to the team of the president, includes the next point:

1. The reduction of the tariffs, where it is possible without side effects.

2. Demonopolization of the energy markets.

3. The increase of the gas production and attraction of the foreign investors for it. according to Gerus, the refusal from the imported gas will allow to reduce the price for gas by 20-30%.

4. The reconsideration of the rules of the provision of the subsidies as there is the understanding that some categories of people are deprived of the subsidies unfairly. To have money for the subsidies in the budget, it will be necessary to deprive some oligarchs of tax benefits and preferences.

5. Energy efficiency and thermo-modernization of the housing stock. Less consumption, the payment less too.

6. The growth of the incomes of the people and it will reduce the acute nature of the issue for the households.

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Gerus also noted the importance of the controlling of the growth of the tariffs, underlining that such work is held publicly and in private.

“Particularly, recently the information appeared that the regular considered the possibility to increase the tariffs for the people for gas from July 1 by 10-15% and for electricity by 150%. Our thought is that it is unacceptable without trust and understanding of society. Before it, it is necessary to show to the Ukrainians the firm and fair actions of the regulators concerning the energy monopolies and to show that embezzlement of the tariff funds provides the prosecution. As far as I understand, our opinion was considered,” Gerus wrote.

“Though, without populism, the issue of tariffs, certainly, is the focus of attention. Of course, I announced a lot of these points during the interview but the titles/news did not include it. People, who are also new in policy, better learn from my mistakes”, he advised.

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Earlier Andry Gerus stated that Zelensky did not give direct promises to reduce the tariffs for the population. “Zelensky has not promised the reduction of the tariffs directly; however, we all understand that he understands that it is issue. If we consider things Zelensky talked about in the video about tariffs, he stated there about the necessity of the increase of the extraction of the gas, investment and development of export. Then the price of the gas will fall by 20-30% or even more,” Gerus stated.

Earlier Naftogaz reported that it has reduced wholesale prices for gas in compliance with the movement of the market. Depending on the tariffs of regional gas companies, the final retail price for domestic consumers will make $271,4 – 292,8 per one thousand cubic meters.

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