Zelensky seized power, began persecution of Medvedchuk: Isn't it a coup?

Author : Anna Shushkevych

Source : 112 Ukraine

At a press conference on the "equator" of his term, Zelensky stated about some mythical coup d'etat scheduled for December 1
23:17, 30 November 2021

Press conference of Volodymyr Zelensky "30 Questions to President of Ukraine"

At a press conference on the "equator" of his term, Zelensky stated about some mythical coup d'etat scheduled for December 1. It was funny to hear it from the President, the man who himself staged a coup d'etat in Ukraine, seizing all power in the country. At the same time, Zelensky's authoritarianism manifests itself in its worst features - the opposition is being persecuted with disgusting methods, the president illegally sent his main opponent Viktor Medvedchuk under house arrest, while the country's national wealth is given over to external curators for a pittance, and the people are impoverished.

A little over a year ago, Zelensky wrote on his social network that in our country "a disgusting rule has been working for years: the law has not been written to a corrupt minority, and poverty, injustice, deception to the majority." Under Zelensky, this rule only took on new dimensions.

In just the first three months of his rule, Zelensky took over powers that were unusual for the president. He gained control over both the executive and the legislature, and a little later - over the judiciary. De facto and de jure there is one ruling party in Ukraine. Having illegally concentrated almost unlimited power in his hands, Zelensky decided to use the manual National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), which actually replaced other authorities.

NSDC Secretary Danilov once said that Ukraine needs to be turned into a tough presidential republic. In fact, this is what happened. Zelensky has placed himself above the law in a way that no president of the country has ever done before.

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The "sixth" could use his power to carry out important and necessary reforms for the country, but he did not want responsibility, only the power itself. As a result, for two and a half years, there were no important tactical and strategic actions for the good of Ukraine. It turned out that we are dealing not just with "amateurs, but good guys", but with "amateurs without honor, conscience, moral principles."

While Zelensky's entourage was assimilating budgetary funds from the coronavirus fund and "Big Construction", the president himself became a figurant of offshore scandals and did what he wanted. These are calls from the SBU "about these damn things" that are not within the competence of the president, and the unlawful removal of judges, and selective justice, and obstacles to the work of the opposition in parliament, and political persecution.

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Zelensky introduced a mechanism of extrajudicial reprisals against political opponents and used it against his main rival, opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk. They did not provide any evidence against Medvedchuk, and what they did was simply ridiculous. The courts in the so-called "cases" of the opposition leader have turned into a farce. It has become clear to society that anyone can now fall under sanctions, under arrest of property, accounts, and no reason is needed for this.

Zelensky has encroached on media freedom by imposing sanctions that run counter to free speech. There are no adequate reasons for them: there are only unsubstantiated accusations of creating a threat to the national interests, security, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine. De facto, this is just censorship. Zelensky does everything to prevent journalists from expressing their true opinion. They should only praise the ruling regime and its leader, or they will be left without work.

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If anyone made the coup, it is Zelensky. And for this, he will surely end up in places not so distant, with all his henchmen, who, at his behest, repeatedly wiped their feet on the law.

The "guarantor of the Constitution" may not believe in this and live in the illusion of his own impunity. Many crime bosses also did not believe that everything could end badly for them. Just because they kept many at bay, the criminals considered themselves inviolable. And yet they ended up behind bars, having lost all their power.

The same will happen to Zelensky, as a top-ranked criminal.

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