Year of the Rat: How to celebrate New Year 2020

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According to Chinese calendar, the symbol of next year will be the White Metal Rat
22:07, 31 December 2019

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The 2020 is just around the corner, and you should be prepared for the holidays. According to the eastern calendar, the symbol of next year will be the White Metal Rat. Next year will be successful for starting a new business. And in order to enter the new zodiac cycle without unnecessary burden, it is better to pay off debts and solve the protracted conflicts by the end of 2019.

Year of the Rat. What you need to know

According to the eastern calendar, the element of the next year is metal; white color corresponds to it. Chinese astrology is based on five elements - fire, wood, water, earth and metal. Each of these elements has its own set of characteristics.

As for the white color, it symbolizes sincerity and good intentions. Next year, the Rat will help those who achieve their goals honestly and respect people.

In the East, the Rat is a symbol of prosperity and financial well-being. Therefore, 2020 will be especially successful for starting a new business and promotion. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the Rat does not like unjustified risk, therefore, in the new year, you need to try to act slowly and think about each step.

The rat opens a new 12-year cycle, and in order to enter it without unnecessary burden, it is recommended to pay off debts as much as possible and solve problems and conflicts that have arisen.

Many people are afraid that 2020 will be a leap year, they expect troubles, disasters and loss of balance in life. This is actually not the case. 2020 is the right time for marriage and children. Astrologers claim that next year should be less disastrous. It is expected that many conflicts will be resolved through diplomatic means.

However, it is noted that the element of metal will make people adamant, tough and even a little bit closed. This will be felt in all types of relationships - even in friendship or at work.

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How to meet the Year of the Rat

The rat is a family animal, therefore, astrologers advise to celebrate the 2020 in the family circle. So that in the new year your relatives do not have quarrels and misunderstandings, you need to clean the house. It is also recommended to throw away all unnecessary things: clothes that you don’t wear, scratched dishes, broken furniture.

As for the outfit for the New Year, the White Rat loves light colors and everything sparkling. Therefore, it is worth choosing white, beige, cream and other similar colors and decorate your image with sparkling jewelry.

But it is not recommended to use animal prints and images cats in your outfit. Figures and images of cats, tigers, leopards should also not be hung on a Christmas tree, it is believed that the symbol of the year can be frightened and run, taking your luck away.

New Year's menu should be varied. On the table there can be salads, cheese and sausage slices, hot and cold snacks, as well as meat dishes. The only thing is better to remove - strong alcoholic drinks. Give preference to champagne, light wines or cocktails.

Signs for the Year of the Rat

Many signs are connected with preparations for the holiday.

To buy a new thing before the New Year - for wealth and prosperity.

The last drop of champagne poured into the glass portends an improvement in financial condition.

A crystal vase or glass broken on Rat's New Year's Eve is for the good fortune.

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