World sleep day: Interesting facts & important rules

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World Sleep Day is celebrated annually on the Friday of the second full week of March, just before the vernal equinox. It was first celebrated in 2008. Initiated by the International Sleep Day Committee at the International Sleep Medicine Association
23:11, 12 March 2021

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This day is aimed at promoting the benefits of proper and healthy sleep, drawing public attention to the problem of sleep and its medical, educational and social aspects, as well as the issue of preventing and managing sleep disorders.

Correct and healthy sleep. What is it like?

Lack of sleep is very bad. And joking with this is very undesirable. Many people think that a cup of coffee or tea can compensate for this problem, but this is not the case, because lack of sleep still accumulates.

Potential consequences of sleep deprivation include loss of concentration, nervous tension, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other health problems.

How to fix it? Follow the rules of good sleep, in particular:

- determine how many hours you need to sleep.

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And that's exactly how many hours sleep. It is generally accepted that a person needs 8 hours of sleep every night. This is not entirely true.

Much depends on the characteristics of your body. There are people who get enough sleep very quickly. And 4-5 hours are enough for them. There are those who are NOT even enough for 8 hours, and they need 10 hours or more.

In any case, you should know how many hours of sleep you need and follow this norm. Also, pay attention to when you start sleeping. The best hours for this are generally considered to be between 22:00 pm and 02:00 am.

Try to go to bed at the same time. This will help set the body's so-called "internal clock" and optimize sleep quality.

- Pay attention to the correct sleeping position. It affects how you feel.

It is believed that the most correct sleeping position is on the back. It helps to relax your muscles, and blood can flow freely to the brain. In addition, there is a uniform load on the heart.

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But. There are certain categories of people for whom this sleeping position is not recommended. These are those who have trouble breathing or snoring, as well as pregnant women.

Another option for sleeping positions is on your side. And it also suits most people. When sleeping on your side, the spine maintains its natural curve and the back relaxes.

However, there are nuances. Sleeping on the left side can provoke additional stress on the heart in hypertensive patients. In addition, it is not recommended to put your hands under the pillow - blood circulation in them worsens.

Sleeping on your stomach is considered the most harmful. This position disturbs the correct position of the head during sleep, which disrupts blood circulation in the brain.

In addition, the stress on the joints and muscles increases. The prone position also straightens the natural curve of the spine, which can lead to back pain.

If you still like to sleep in this position, put a small pillow under your thighs and lower abdomen. This will help the correct position of the spine.

- An important part of good sleep is a comfortable pillow.

The most comfortable pillows for sleeping are orthopedic. They keep the shape of the head and neck, following their natural curves. The materials in these pillows are usually hypoallergenic and completely safe.

As for the other options... There are a few rules for choosing a comfortable pillow. First: it is desirable that it be small (10-14 cm), and the width should correspond to the width of the shoulders.

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Also, the pillow should not be too soft. Another important factor is pillow filler. They are very different, so be sure to check with the sellers what you are dealing with, since some of them are contraindicated for allergy sufferers, and some (such as natural feathers) are very demanding in care.

- Another important condition for healthy sleep is a good microclimate in the bedroom.

As you know, our brain functions during sleep. To work well, he needs an acceptable level of oxygen in the apartment.

In other words, stuffiness in the bedroom can interfere with good sleep, while good air quality, on the contrary, can help. The optimum air temperature for sleeping is 20-22 degrees, humidity is 50-60%.

Remember to ventilate your bedroom.

- Proper nutrition is also an aid for good sleep.

There are some tips that can help. First, eat dinner no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. Eating late will increase blood flow to your digestive tract, causing your stomach to secrete more stomach acid and your pancreas working harder so your body won't be able to fully rest overnight.

A strict diet can also interfere with good sleep, especially if your calorie intake is critically low. Then many nutrients pass by you, and, for example, a deficiency of folic acid (found in green vegetables, citruses, seafood, etc.) can lead to insomnia.


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