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Olivier, champagne, making wishes, chime, and a decorated Christmas tree - all these are New Year's traditions known to every Ukrainian
13:46, 26 December 2019

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Olivier, champagne, making wishes, chime, and a decorated Christmas tree - all these are New Year's traditions known to every Ukrainian. At the same time, on New Year's Eve Italians get rid of old or unnecessary things, people in Scotland roll barrels of tar in the streets and residents of Chile go to the cemetery. We would like to tell you about interesting and unusual New Year traditions in different states.

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It is customary to celebrate New Year in Italy on the street where night festivities take place. In Rome, New Year's performances are held in the open air with fireworks, acrobats and light, and musical performance. Since 2008, the Kissing Marathon has been held in Venice. The romantic flash mob starts with the sounds of festive fireworks at midnight.

But the most famous Italian New Year tradition is to throw old things (clothes, furniture, utensils) from the windows onto the streets. It is believed that in the New Year, the one who will get rid of more trash will be happy.


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In Denmark, for the New Year, it is customary to throw dishes at friends and acquaintances' doors. It is believed that the family, which collects broken plates, cups, and glasses, will be the happiest next year.

In addition, there is another New Year tradition in Denmark - getting up on a chair and jumping from it. It is noted that in this way the Danes jump into January of the coming year, driving away evil spirits. In addition, it will bring good luck.

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In Scotland, New Year's Eve set fire to tar barrels and roll them through the streets, thus burning the old year and inviting a new one. The Scots believe that the success or failure of the family for the whole next year depends on who comes first to their house in the new year. In their opinion, the dark-haired man who brings gifts to the house brings great luck. 

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The oldest and beloved by the Spaniards tradition associated with the New Year is eating grapes at the time of the chiming clock: one hit - one eaten berry - one wish made. If you have time to eat all 12 grapes - every month in the new year will be happy and successful.


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In some regions, the New Year is usually celebrated at the grave of deceased relatives. This tradition appeared in 1995 in the town of Talca when on the eve of the holiday a large family decided to honor the memory of the deceased relative at his grave. At 11 pm, the mayor of Talci solemnly opens the gates of the cemetery, then a memorial church service takes place and people go to the graves of their relatives with candles and flowers.


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On New Year's Eve, bells ring 108 times in temples in Japan. The bells indicate one of six human vices: frivolity, stupidity, greed, anger, envy, and indecision. The Japanese believe that every vice of a person has 18 shades, so each of the 108 blows of the temple bell cleans a person of everything that will not come in handy next year.

In addition, at the beginning of the new year, the Japanese begin to laugh a lot. They believe that laughter will bring them good luck in the coming year.

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With the advent of the New Year, Panamanians burn effigies of famous people (show business stars, athletes, and especially politicians). These stuffed animals symbolize the departure of the old year, which should take with itself all the problems and hardships.

New Year's Eve in Panama, bells also ring and cars honk. The Panamanians themselves at this time scream loudly and knock on everyone that comes into their hands. And all this noise in order to appease the new year.

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With the last blow of the hours of the year, the lights go out for several minutes in all the houses: these are the minutes of New Year's kisses that replace toasts.

You can even kiss with an unfamiliar guest - the holiday will keep the secret of the New Year's kiss.

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Millions of Australians are among the first in the world to welcome the New Year - free shows by famous musicians and magnificent fireworks.

In Australia, the New Year is celebrated rapidly, especially in state capitals. All celebrations are usually held in the open. So, in Sydney at midnight in the famous harbor of Sydney Harbor, one of the largest fireworks in the world flares up, to see which more than a million people gather annually.


New Year can be celebrated 16 times - while the station crosses different time zones. But usually, the astronauts celebrate 3-4 times, focusing on the earthly time.

Christmas decorations on spaceships are tied to something immovable (often on the ceiling) and decorate a small artificial Christmas tree.






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