Why Iran decided to admit it downed Ukrainian plane?

Author : Alexander Baunov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Iran is now at that equilibrium point of confrontation with the United States, when a considerable part of the world's sympathies is on its side, and the country does not want to lose this precarious balance
21:58, 13 January 2020


Iran admitted that it shot down a Ukrainian plane with its own compatriots for the same reason that the Russian authorities released Ivan Golunov. The upper layers of the regime do not want to bear joint responsibility for erroneous decisions made at lower levels of their own bureaucracy, in this the military bureaucracy. And they decreased responsibility to the lowest possible level - to "air defense system operators". Do not forget to recall that the air defense was in full and nervous combat readiness due to the exacerbation that the Americans arranged. However, this did not sound like a blame-shifting: the United States created the context, but the fault lies in Iran.

Other countries in a similar situation (from the USA to the USSR and Russia) preferred unity and defended the actions of their military, even Ukraine in 2001 began with this, and paid ex gratia compensation, without formal legal admission of guilt. Although none of them shot down a plane taking off from its own capital airport.

But Iran is now at that equilibrium point of confrontation with the United States when a considerable part of the world's sympathies is on its side, and it does not want to lose this precarious balance. Only to an observer with very specific optics, Iran seems a country which started, continued and naturally ended up as an absolute villain, having shot down a civilian plane.

In fact, the whole story about how President Trump killed the acting general of another country (and with him another 10 people) to annoy his election rivals, and almost started this is a great war in the region, has been heard in a world without much enthusiasm. The Iranians, even after their bloodless slap in the face of two US bases in Iraq, did not appear in this story as a one-dimensional aggressor and villain.

But if now the Iranians began to deny the blame for the downing of Ukrainian plane, if they started to be silent, here they would become villains.

And now the recognition of the tragic mistake returns the balance that was lost. The Iranians are again between the villain (because of a regime there) and the victim (because of Trump and the role of America in the third world). Especially since those who died on the plane are mostly Iranians, and they would have to hide, be silent and repent in the face of their own people, and families in Iran are large and cross-border, and those whose children study in Canada are not the poor people, and it is still unknown what is worse – to push them away or hug their relatives over the wreckage, as before over the tomb of General Suleimani, and condemn and punish several Revolutionary Guards from air defense.

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