Who was returned to occupied Donbas in prisoner swap

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On December 29, 81 people were released from occupied Donbas and 76 of them returned to the territories controlled by Ukraine
16:08, 30 December 2019

Who was returned in prisoner swap
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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that during the yesterday exchange 81 people were released from occupied Donbas. 76 of them returned to the territory controlled by Kyiv, a few stayed in the occupied territories.

In return, Ukraine passed 127 people according to representative in the humanitarian subgroup Valeria Lutkovska. However, four of them refused to enter the occupied territories.

The full list of the passed people is unknown. But information about some people is present. So, here is a list of people.

Five Berkut fighters


One of the most high-profile parts of the exchange is the pass of five former Berkut fighter:  Oleh Yanyshevsky, Pavlo Abroskin, Serhiy Zinchenko, Oleksandr Marinchenko, and Serhiy Tamtura.

All of them are accused of the murder of 48 Heavenly Hundred heroes on February 20, 2014 at Instytutska Street in Kyiv.

The opponents of the exchange of the Berkut law enforcers held the rally near the Lukyanivske detention center. The protesters eve blocked the building; however, it became known soon that the accused were secretly taken out of the prison.

The Prosecutor General’s Office tried to calm down people concerned that the investigation of the murders in Maidan would be in danger after the pass of the Berkut fighters. The office stated that this decision will not influence the investigation.

President of Ukraine commented the exchange of the Berkut fighters with such words:

“[Including on the list the] Berkut fighters was the condition ‘all for all’ exchange. It is a difficult political decision. I believe that our fighters, military, journalists are heroes. It is a priority. I treat the relatives of the deceased in Maidan with respect… Unfortunately, we cannot return those deceased during Maidan, but we can return our people and we did it. I am sure that it is a priority...

… We will figure out why there were no verdicts during these five years. It will not influence the cases of Maidan… We will finish the Maidan case, I promise.

If I could give away 100 Berkut fighters in order to return one of our scouts, I would do it!.

Kharkiv terrorists

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Other high-profile partakers of the exchange.

The issue is about three convicted (Viktor Tetyutsk, Serhiy Bashlykov and Volodymyr Dvornikov) who carried out the explosion at the demonstration on February 22, 2015 at Sport Palace in Kharkiv.

Four people died in the result of the explosion, including 15-year-old Danylo Didyk and 18-year-old Mykola Melnychuk.

On December 28, Kharkiv Court sentenced them to life imprisonment and released. Earlier, Ukraine refused to exchange them.

Mariupol terrorists

On December 26, Zhovtnevy district court of Mariupol released for personal obligations four suspects in the case of the seizure of the building of Mariupol Chief Directory of Interior Affairs on May 9, 2014.

All of them filed the applications with the request to include them in the lists for the exchange. Yevhen Druzhynin, Oleksandr Strelnikov, Viktor Skrypnyk and Vyacheslav Biryukov were reproached for the creation of the terrorist group and possession of weapons.

According to Facebook of journalist Yuriy Butusov, six Ukrainian police officers, volunteers, National Guard fighters and three civilians died in the result of the storm. Four terrorists were destroyed.

Honey terrorist

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The issue is about Mykola Ruban who blew up soldier of the 17th tank brigade Oleksandr Susloparov by a mine disguised as the jar of honey.

The soldier died in the result of the explosion; he had a family – a wife and five children. Earlier, Ukraine refused to exchange Ruban.


MP (in 2014) of Shakhtarsk district council Mykola Butrymenko. In May 2019, he was recognized guilty in the death of 10 special forces fighters during the ATO in July 2014. He was sentenced to eight years in jail.

According to the witnesses in the case, Butrymenko in 2014 reported to the Russia-backed militants about the Ukrainian special forces fighters near Snizhne and the military were shelled.

Cacao Captain

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The real name is Serhiy Dolzhenkov.

According to Butusov, in 2009-2012, Dolzhenkov was the operative worker in the city department of Odesa Militsiya.

“The activist of Antimaidan, later he became one of the leaders of Odeska Druzhyna armed gang and organizers of the clashes on May 2, 2014. He was arrested but refused from the exchanged in 2014 and 2017, believing that he would achieve the justification. He was released on August 19, 2019”.

Russian tank crewman

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His name is Ruslan Gadzhiev. He is unemployed, partaker of Donbas Conflict, tank driver.


Russian Oleg Doronin who fought in the militants’ battalion Ghost. He was taken captive in 2015.

Brazilian Rafael Lusvarghi. The former fighter of French foreign legion who came to Donbas in September 2014.

He was the commander of the Viking group consisting of foreigners. Later he was detained during the joint operation of the Interior Ministry and Security Service.


Maksym Misyak accused of the triple murder. He is suspected in the murder of Kharkiv entrepreneur Yaroslav Bisaha and entrepreneur Yevhen Slonevsky as well as his acquaintance Oleh Lytvinov.

Accused of attempt on Okueva and Osmaev

Artur Denisultanov
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His name is Artur Denisultanov. He tried to kill Adam Osmaev and Aminak Okueva in Kyiv in June 2017; he was wounded.

Earlier, Ukraine refused to exchange him.

Odesa bombers

According to Butusov, Volodymyr Hrubnik, the organizer of the explosion near the Security Service building in Odesa was passed to the militants. As well as the bombers of the train at the railway near Odesa in April 2015: Ruslan and Vladyslav Dolhoshyi, Oleh Mazur, Mykol Selyatenko, Mykola Kazansky and Vadym Shved.

It is important to remind

The list will be updated as far as we get to know other names of the people passed to the Donbas militants



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