What's the fate of Russian-language schools in Ukraine?

Author : Maksym Buzhansky

Source : 360 Telegram

Ukrainian MP from Servant of the People party Buzhansky on the future of educating in Russian
09:30, 22 January 2020

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I have received a lot of questions, complaints, reproaches and a couple of curses about the vote, adoption, and the essence of the law on secondary education, so let us tell a few words about it.

In 2017, when our Motherland was ruled by dear Petro Poroshenko, the law on education № 2145-VIII was passed.

According to this law, Russian-language schools, ALL without exception, had to shift to the Ukrainian language from September 2020. And schools working in the languages ​​of the EU member states – from 2023.

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The norm, of course, is discriminatory, because if the language shift is planned, all the schools should perform it simultaneously. In addition, certain special classes were mentioned in this law 2145-VIII, but without special details. Okay.

As you remember, in the elections we managed to turn Petro Oleksiyovych back into a turtle, and it was a great opportunity.

Well, I took this advantage.

October 31, 2019, I introduced bill No. 2362 to the parliament, which I demanded to synchronize the transition of Russian-language schools to Ukrainian in 2023, simultaneously with schools working in the languages ​​of the EU countries.

You ask, why don’t we just cancel this transition at all?

Let us first try to achieve a postponement until 2023, and then we will discuss further prospects.

But, let us move on.

Last week, parliament passed, supported by 327, it seems, and I, including deputies, law on secondary education No. 0901.

Really good law, giving a lot to students, including tutoring at the state expense.

In this law, the principle of the transition of schools to the Ukrainian language has not changed in any way since September 2020, about which I wrote above.

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But the topic of special classes was revealed in detail.

What is it? For example, 20 students, or rather their parents, want to study in Russian. The director creates such a special class, which studies in Russian until fifth grade, then the share of Russian is reduced to 20%.

The authors of the law are conceived that in order to prepare for independent testing, which takes place in Ukrainian, this scheme is very good.

So that children do not fail because of unfamiliar terms.

In addition, private schools might study even in Korean, however, they should learn Ukrainian at the level of the required standards, so that the children can pass exams in Ukrainian.

What do we have with the adoption of this law No. 0901?

In the case of the adoption of my bill No. 2362, we will get a moratorium on the Ukrainianization of Russian-language schools until 2023. In case of non-acceptance - classes for Russian-speaking students and private schools in Russian and other languages ​​of national minorities.

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That's all, all the cries about the betrayal, the closure of Russian schools because of the vote for the law No. 0901, etc. I leave to conscience those who shouted, but did not read the law.

Neither one nor the other.

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