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Here, a usual piece of information on the origin and traditions of this day is expected. Yet, the reality makes us approach this in a different way
19:35, 6 June 2018

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Around 1,000 journalists were murdered in the world over the past ten years. UNESCO named the number – 930 people – in November of 2017, yet the time is running. The journalists are being killed.

The Journalist Day, celebrated in Ukraine on June 5, is a day to emphasize the purity of the submission of the information, the struggle against fake data, the improvement of the professional standards and many other things. Besides, on this day we talk about the fact that the journalists are being murdered.

The Journalist Day 2018 is the day when it is necessary to mention that. Journalists are being killed.

How Georgiy Gongadze was murdered

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A Ukrainian journalist, the founder and first Chief Editor of Ukrainska Pravda news agency.

His murder in 2000 caused an enormous resonance and lead to big political scandals and protests.

18 years passed, yet the assassin's paymaster has not been named. Though, there is a person convicted of the murder – Oleksy Pukach, the former Head of Internal Ministry External Monitoring Department. It is suspected that he will not be imprisoned for life. And yes, the journalists are still being killed.

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How Ihor Oleksandrov was murdered

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The Director of a private television company and radio station TOP in Sloviansk. Four unknown beat up Oleksandrov with batons in his own office in July 2001. The journalist died from the injuries received.

Mass media suggested that Oleksandrov’s death was connected with his investigations of corruption and organized crime.

Rybaky brothers, the leaders of the local organized criminal group, were accused of this within the investigation. But, there is also information that the actual perpetrators were not found. And yes, the journalists are still being killed.

How Vasyl Klimentyev was murdered

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The body, though, was not found. Vasyl Klimentyev, the Chief Editor of Media Port news agency, went missing in August 2010. The law enforcers opened a criminal case under the article on intentional homicide.

Andry Kozar, a former officer of the Organized Crime Unit, is suspected of the murder. According to mass media, he is on the run. And yes, the journalists are still being killed.

How Vasyl Serhiyenko was murdered

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An active participant of the Revolution of Dignity was beaten and kidnapped from his own yard in April of 2014. His body was found in a forest 15 km away from the city with his hands cuffed and his body tortured.

In May of 2018, the court prolonged the sentence for four individuals accused of Serhiyenko’s case for two months. Therefore, the judicial process is still underway. While the journalists are still being killed.

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How Vyacheslav Veremiy was murdered

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The Vesti correspondent was beaten with batons and shot in Kyiv center. Yury Krysin is being prosecuted on the case, yet the judicial process is far from its end (besides, it triggered an enormous resonance as many other cases did). While the journalists are still being killed.

How Ihor Kostenko was murdered

A sniper shot the reporter of Sportanalitic website on Maidan (the Independence Square)

How Olha Moroz was murdered

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The Chief Editor of Netishyn Vistnyk news agency was killed in her own house. The murderers were not found. It was reported, that before the murder Olha Moroz was preparing the material about an illegal forest clearance.

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How Pavlo Sheremet was murdered

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His murderers are still not found, despite an active attention of the Ukrainian community.

Do not want to make any pessimistic predictions, yet this list is just a part of the overall picture. The security of the journalists still requires changes. Though, it is, probably, a global tendency.

One should remember the most important things on the Journalist Day

Many colleagues have sacrificed their lives within the professional activity. We hope that those who are alive will protect themselves.

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Everyone has to remember about safety on this day. Because, as everyone was convinced, a journalist, to put it lightly, is not the safest profession in the world.


Thank you, readers, for reading.

And to all the journalists – be safe.



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