What does Ukraine's record-low turnout mean?

Author : Ihor Valsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections of 2019 have become historical due to the rapid fall of the old elites and a record low voters’ turnout
16:39, 23 July 2019

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections of 2019 have become historical due to the rapid fall of the old elites and a record low voters’ turnout. Only 49.8% of Ukrainians with the right to vote came to the polling stations.

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It is important to understand that the new parliament was elected by 15 million Ukrainians - the third population of the country. But Rada will lead the whole country, and this will have to be accepted. If Servant of the People party forms a mono-coalition, that is, there will be a majority from one party, then it turns out that only 6 million people have elected it. A country with 42 million citizens, led by a force, elected by 6 million.

Of course, this casts a shadow on the legitimacy of the new government, although according to the law, nothing was violated. It turns out that the Zelensky’s party has torn all the politicians in this election, gaining almost 250 mandates, but only the seventh part of the country voted for this power. Is it bad or good? Actually, the Ukrainians themselves decided not to go to the polls, which resulted in such a consequence.

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But why was the turnout so low? Two months ago, in the second round of the presidential election, the turnout was 61.4%, and the first round was even higher. Then why now it fell so sharply?

Experts note that the main reason is that the Ukrainians have long ceased to believe in real changes, in politicians. Even in the new politicians. In the case of the presidential election, for sure, the excitement and bitterness of Ukrainians played on the administration of Petro Poroshenko played. People went to the sites not for Zelensky, as against Poroshenko. A new power has come, which gives promises but does nothing. Oligarchs are looming behind the new faces. The electorate is demotivated. In addition, summer is a time for vacations.

People really did not know for whom they vote – at some districts, these were mostly only “no-names.” Under the brand of "new faces" the party, taking advantage of the still high rating of Zelensky brought responsible “piano voters.” MPs without big ambitions.

Therefore, if the new government fails, as the previous one, if the war continues, and the tariffs grow if the “new faces” discredit themselves, and the old ones show the true face, protests, and new elections might take place. And the turnout might be even smaller.

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This is a bad trend because with every election it turns out that the country is led by a coalition elected by a fewer and fewer number of citizens. Ukrainian authorities reflect the interests and beliefs of an ever-smaller number of Ukrainians. And if so, then the voices of those who will question the legitimacy of the Ukrainian parliament will soon be getting louder. Like, supported by a minority. Parliament is the most important body of state administration in the parliamentary-presidential republic. Maybe that's why many politicians do not predict a long life for this convocation.

An attempt by Zelensky (or Presidential Office head Andriy Bogdan) to cheat, calling the elections for the summer, to bring more loyal people to the Rada, laid a mine under the parliament.

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