War reporter and Kremlin critic: who is Arkadiy Babchenko

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Russian journalist Arkadiy Babchenko shot dead in Kyiv
15:28, 30 May 2018

42-year-old Russian correspondent and writer Arkadiy Babchenko was shot dead in Kyiv. The man was attacked in the evening on May 29 in his own apartment in Kyiv.

According to police, Babchenko was shot in his back. His wife found him in a pool of blood and called an ambulance. However, doctors failed to save him and Babchenko died on the way to the hospital.

The first hypothesis of an assassination attempt against Babchenko is his professional activity.

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Chechen wars

Arkadiy Babchenko was born on March 18, 1977 in Moscow.

He was drawn to military service in 1995 to Northern Caucasus, served in signal troops, participated in the First Chechen war.

After two years Babchenko was transferred to the reserve in 1997, entered law faculty at the Modern University for the Humanities in Moscow and graduated with the bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence and International Law.

After the Second Chechen war started in 1999, Arkadiy Babchenko made a contract with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to participate in a counter-terrorism operation. He served as a signal operator, then served in the mechanized infantry and was a crew commander in grenade launcher troop.

He was transferred to the reserve in 2000 in the rank of staff sergeant guard. This laid start to his journalist activity.

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Tell the truth flat out in mass media

 Being a journalist he served as a war-correspondent at the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, then in he television program “Zabytyi Polk” (The Forgotten Regiment), aired on NTV.

Apart from that, he cooperated with newspaper, journals and TV-shows: “Krestyanskaya Rossia” (Peasant Russia), “Armeiskii Magazin” (Army Store), which aired on Pervyi Kanal, and “Postscript” on TVC, etc.

He left journalist career for several years to work as a taxi driver.

He started a new period in his journalism career, working as a war correspondent in Novaya Gazeta, however, he was fired for “careless and poor work” according to him.

It’s also known that he worked as a war correspondent in South Ossetia during an armed conflict back in 2008.

“I showed hackles, used initiative, took responsibility, told the truth flat out and articulated everything I wanted. I did without waive. And practically without injuries,” the journalist recalled himself.

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Pioneer of a new Russian military prose

Arkadiy Babchenko is considered to be a founder of a new Russian military prose (together with Alexander Karasev and Zakhar Prilepin). Babchenko published his four books in 2002 – 2015: “Ten Episodes About the War,” a short war novel “Alkhan-Yurt” (a small village in Chechnya), “Man of God”, “War”. For the record, “Alkhan-Yurt” was translated into 15 languages and published in 22 countries.

Among the numerous prizes, Babchenko was awarded for Courage and Professionalism by The Russian Union of Journalists, prize by the New Peace magazine (twice), English PEN-Club, Frontline club, etc.

From 2006 to 2010, Arkadiy Babchenko produced a magazine called Iskusstvo Voiny (The Art of War), publishing stories from veterans of wars in the post-Soviet space.

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Against Putin’s politics

A criminal case was initiated against Arkadiy Babchenko in March 2012 in Russia for a riotous statement in a post on possible striking tactics “for fair elections”.

Then the journalist got under persecution. According to him, he was persecuted as an international spy, who is destroying a “Great Mother Land” due to his frequent rhetoric against the acting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For example, Babchenko spoke of a Tu-154 crash over the Black Sea. The journalist expressed an opinion that those singers of Russian Military Choir were not worthy of feeling regret for. The scandal broke up in December 2016.

In 2017 he was forced to move to Prague, then to Israel and finally settled in Kyiv.

Before his death, Babchenko worked as a host for a "Prime: Babchenko" TV-show on ATR Crimean Tatar TV channel.

He had a wife and a daughter and six fostered children.


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