War for passenger routes: Who and why started shooting in Brovary

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The morning began with a Western in Brovary. The situation was already compared to the “classic 90s,” some of the participants in the shooting were detained. And the Ministry of Internal Affairs promises to “cure it.” So, here is what is known at the moment
22:46, 29 May 2020

Press service of the National Police

On May 29, around 7 a.m in the morning, an armed shootout occurred in town of Brovary, Kyiv region. It happened right in the sleeping area.

It went like this:

As a result, many residents still signal to law enforcement officers about “souvenirs” they find after the shooting.

Here is one example:

Shootout in Brovary: Windows were shot through bullets in neighboring houses
Kyiv Operative

Why were they shooting?

The police in Kyiv region said that, according to preliminary data, there was a conflict between entrepreneurs engaged in passenger transportation and illegal transporters.

According to the chief specialist of the communication department of the National Police in Kyiv region Vitaliya Hroholska, the police arrived at the site “in a minute” and detained 10 people with weapons.

At the same time, the police said that the “guests” arrived from other regions of Ukraine.

Deputy Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko on his Facebook page said the following:

- There was a criminal showdown between the groups patronizing the shuttle taxis.

- Clashes are the result of an opaque distribution of routes.

- Three participants in the showdown were injured from traumatic weapons.

“A significant amount” of hunting and traumatic firearms was seized from the detainees.

According to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, mass detentions continue. And the shootout itself is an “echo of corruption in determining the quotas of transporters, attracting gangs in the fight for transportation routes.”

Mayor Brovary Ihor Sapozhko also reacted to the incident.

Recently, by the decision of the tender commission of the regional state administration in Brovary, a new company entered the existing route. This applies to intercity routes. Now all the circumstances of the case are being investigated. A criminal proceeding was opened over the shooting.

As of 9 a.m, the police detained 11 people. There are also two injured, delivered to Brovary hospital with gunshot wounds.

He also noted that all intercity routes are approved by Kyiv Regional State Administration.

“We have repeatedly sent official letters and appeals to the head of the region and the department head of Kyiv regional infrastructure on the approval of the new express route from Torhmash to Lisna metro station via Velyka Okruzhna Doroha. All the appeals were ignored.

Instead, the regional administration created and approved another route, which repeats the existing one. Therefore, I believe that due to the lack of dialogue between local authorities and the regional administration, the situation worsened with every day.”

It is important to note that local residents started discovering the “results” of the shootout at their home.

What happened next?

At the moment, the reaction is as follows:

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kyiv region introduced the Interception plan. Now all participants in the shootout are being established and detained.

“Now police officers are looking for 5 cars in which the participants of the incident disappeared from the place of shooting. All police units in Kyiv region and the town of Brovary searching for cars,” the police say.

Criminal proceedings were opened under article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for hooliganism.

Meanwhile, the head of Vinnytsia police and the head of the operational service were suspended from duty “due to gross shortcomings and miscalculations.” Specific reasons are currently not indicated.

According to the MP of Servant of the People party Oleksandr Dubinsky, it was from Vinnytsia that one of the group of shooters was brought.

President's reaction

“I wish these people did not go free. I would like us to find customers. I think this is obvious. I also saw on the video that the shots got into the windows. We need to figure it out on the spot and help people, just ordinary people who are now in this situation,” Zelensky said during a meeting with Avakov.

According to the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, as a result of the investigation, there may be questions to the local police.

Avakov also clarified that three criminal proceedings were opened on the fact of the shootout: under article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for hooliganism, illegal handling of weapons, ammunition and explosives, and for intentional destruction or damage to property.  

Later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the detention in Zhytomyr region of five participants in the shootout.

In a commentary for 112 Ukraine, Brovary Mayor Sapozhko said that all the detainees were Vinnytsia residents.

“2 minibuses, 1 Toyota car were seized. According to preliminary information from the police, all the detainees are not local, but from Vinnytsia,” the mayor said.

At the entry to Vinnytsia region, five more people involved in the shooting in Brovary were detained.

“Thus, the total number of identified and detained persons who participated in the redistribution of the “black market” of route transportation reached the 21,” Deputy Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko said.

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