Volker should better visit “LNR”,” DNR”

Author : Oleh Voloshyn

Source : 112 Ukraine

Oleh Voloshyn comments on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel
23:14, 29 August 2017

Many experts are wondering what Ukraine should expect from the messages Kurt Volker will bring to Kyiv. In my opinion, the very position that Ukraine is waiting for something in this situation is most unprofitable. If we were talking about foreign policy issues or issues related to our relations with the U.S., we could say so. But the conflict is on our territory, and theoretically, it is Kyiv that should play the first role. So far, the situation is such that having failed to find a solution through some European intermediaries, we now hope to somehow change the situation through active involvement of the United States. And this is wrong. It is impossible to resolve the conflict on Ukraine’s territory with Russia’s participation without the will of Ukraine and Russia. Whatever decision Volker takes today, if Kyiv and Moscow are not ready to compromise, he alone and his visit will not change anything.

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While the U.S. side is generally defining the situation and formulates approach to it, it would be strange if today Kurt Volker made Surkov or Yeliseiev, Lavrov and Klimkin sit at the table. It still would not have led to anything. The problem of our "marry-patriots" is that they all expect that everything will be reduced to United States and the West once again saying that "Russia is bad, it’s the aggressor" and so on. It’s all clear. Any person with common sense can tell that Russia is an aggressor. The question is different. Do we want to resolve the conflict or not? For the past three years the conflict has been going on in our territory and making weaker us in the first place, rather than Russia. Therefore, if we want a result, it is Kurt Volker and what he does that gives hope that the US wants to mediate in the settlement of the conflict, and not just once again blame Russia. For this, there is no need to go anywhere, and everyone knows that Russia annexed the Crimea, unleashed aggression in the Donbas, it is all clear. But then what? Do we want an endless war or a solution? If we want a solution, Volker does the right thing: he came here, he went there. Ideally, of course, it would be better if he visited the "LNR, DNR", because there too, it is necessary to look into the situation at the site. In this issue a lot depends on the Russian side: if they are ready to really hold a dialogue and open all the cards. If we want to state again that Russia is bad, it is already clear.

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There are different opinions concerning the Minsk agreements themselves. But there’s nothing to discuss. Petro Poroshenko signed a document in Minsk, where it is clearly stated that first should come the political decisions, and then transfer of control over the border. It is impossible to interpret it any other way,.

The problem today is long-term hostilities and that war in Donbas continues. The guilt lies on Russia and the separatists, who continue to shoot. It is clear that one cannot fulfill the political part of the agreements while the blood continues to flow. This is one problem. But control over the border is a different one. As soon as they stop shooting, logically, Kyiv must vote for the law on amnesty, on a special status. Only then the Ukrainian authorities can reclaim control over the border.

Oleh Voloshyn

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