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The administration of the President of Ukraine has a mode “A case to take care of it personally!” And not only Zelensky’s administration but also the previous ones
13:05, 26 July 2020

President of Ukraine during a press conference

The administration of the President of Ukraine has a mode “A case to take care of it personally!” And not only Zelensky’s administration but also the previous ones. "I take under my personal control" - this "trick" seems to have been promoted by Viktor Yushchenko, who promised to investigate the murder of Ukraine’s journalist Georgy Gongadze.

But Yushchenko at least had reason to say something like that: he met with the mother of late Georgy Gongadze and therefore promised to bring this matter to an end. (In part, he succeeded, because during Yushchenko's presidency the direct perpetrator of this crime, ex-General Pukach, as well as three of his henchmen, was detained and subsequently convicted).

Despite the fact that leading a criminal investigation is not the president's business. Even demanding an account from the security forces about how the case is progressing does not belong to his obligations. The law enforcers have a minister, and a minister has a prime minister. The work of the government, in turn, is controlled by the Verkhovna Rada, since Ukraine is a parliamentary-presidential republic.

But, despite all the legal absurdity of the aforementioned "trick", the promise to take something "under personal control" has become a tradition. In particular, the recent strange incident with the "Lutsk terrorist" President Zelensky also took "under his personal control." Fortunately, everything went without casualties. The President really helped solve the problem. This incident inspired us to compile the top promises of President Zelensky "to keep the situation under control." And at the same time, remind the reader how such promises ended.


Mandate of the MP-rapist

Soon after the parliamentary elections in 2019, it became clear that the Servant of the People had in its ranks a person convicted of participation in a gang rape. MP Roman Ivanisov was elected from the 153rd single-mandate district of the Rivne region. The law prohibits a person with a criminal record to run for office. And here is what Zelensky said about this:

"I’ve read about the scandal. Tomorrow I will receive objective data; I want to find out if he is really involved in a criminal case in connection with the rape. If tomorrow at least one fact, at least something, is found out, tomorrow I will force this person to lay down his mandate and leave from the Servant of the People party. We are ready for cleansing.”

The prosecutor's office spent a long time “playing” with this case. Once it confirmed, then it denied that Ivanisov had a criminal record. As a result, he left the Servant of the People faction but did not surrender his mandate. Ivanisov is still an MP. And the President of Ukraine did not influence this matter in any way.

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5-year-old boy killed by police

Another very high-profile case involved the murder of a child. In May 2019, in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, police officers fired at targets and accidentally hit 5-year-old Kyrylo Tlyavov. Here is what press secretary of Zelensky Yulia Mendel reported hot on the trail:

“He (the boy) is now on artificial lung ventilation, and the doctors are considering on the issue whether the help of foreign specialists is needed. Volodymyr Zelensky took this issue under his personal control, and if there is such a need, he will provide specialists, and this assistance will be provided. We understand that such behavior of law enforcement officers is simply unacceptable, Ukrainians expect that law enforcement officers would help them, and not that negligence of this kind can cost life and health, especially children.”

This story ended in tragedy – this little boy died in a hospital. A year after the incident, in May 2020, two of the three defendants in this high-profile case were released from the pre-trial detention center on bail. The third is still in jail.

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Quarantine compliance

While the Brazilian president took part in protests against the quarantine, his Ukrainian counterpart decided to "keep under control" the lockdown compliance. In particular, the observance of quarantine in churches at Easter. At the same time, the head of state also attracted the head of his office, Andriy Yermak, to supervise the holy fathers and their flock.

On April 19, 2020, Yermak submitted a report that in some regions of Ukraine during Easter services, "unfortunately, violations occurred. According to the National Police, services were held in 13,658 churches in all regions of Ukraine. Almost 130 thousand citizens took part in them. Violations of quarantine restrictions, in particular excessive crowding and lack of personal protective equipment, were recorded only in 19 places of worship in 13 regions.”

The president’s order was successfully ignored both in the East and in the West. As far as we know, not a single priest was hurt. This means - in the legal sense.

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Explosion in residential building on Poznyaky (Kyiv)

The head of state is monitoring the situation regarding the house in Kyiv, where an explosion occurred and five people died. He has personal control over the urgent purchase of apartments for everyone who suffered as a result of this emergency,” Zelensky's press service reported shortly after the tragedy in a residential building in Kyiv.

As you know, on the morning of June 21, an explosion occurred in the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv, destroying 40 apartments of a residential building. Four days later, on June 25, President Zelensky handed over the keys to new apartments to the first 12 families - from those who lost loved ones and those who have children. And since these apartments are completely new, and their tenants have neither the means nor the moral strength for repairs, the head of state turned to the present mayor of Kyiv Klitschko and ordered him to give the house a residential look.

However, it never came to a repair. Because the apartments themselves were not built. And the famous "keys" were just a figure of speech, because the president actually handed out certificates... with a photograph of the developer's signature. The victims are now running after the developer, finding out along the way that the house under the indicated number is still under construction, and the area of ​​the apartment indicated in the certificate does not correspond to what they will have (if ever there will be) "in real life".

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Murder of a military medic in Donbas

A very recent situation concerns the murder of military medic Mykola Ilyin in Donbas. On July 13, near Zaitseve, Russian-backed militants fired at a humanitarian group that was supposed to evacuate the body of the deceased platoon commander Dmytro Krasnogrud. The militants opened fire, and Ilyin, who came under fire, died. Sergeant Yaroslav Zhuravel, who was wounded and for a long time remained without any help, was also with him. Ilyin's mutilated body was handed over to the Ukrainian side only on July 21.

When the President spoke about this tragedy, he noted that the murder of the Ukrainian military is "another proof of the cynicism, lies and inhumanity of the militants. There can be no double interpretation regarding the death of the Ukrainian military. There is a specific deliberate crime - murder, ambush and repeated murder. All this once again convinces that the war continues,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted. He once again promised to take Ilyin's murder “under his control,” but it is completely unclear what exactly he is going to control in this case.

We should remind that the trilateral contact group in Minsk announced a ceasefire on February 15, 2015, however, as Zelensky says, "the opposite side" ignores the agreements reached. How does (we ask again) the head of state intend to control the death of our military?

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Brief lines

A number of Zelensky's promises to "take control of the situation" are connected with the military theme. In this context, one can recall the president's interest in servicemen who died under suspicious circumstances "and were later presented as suicides. The president also undertook to control an incident related to representatives of the State Bureau of Investigation, who seized the equipment of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky. Zelensky said then, that he was deeply indignant at the actions of the State Bureau of Investigation and required a comprehensive investigation. In fact, the investigation into this case has begun and is currently ongoing.

Zelensky's attention was also attracted by an accident near Kyiv, when a Mercedes car driven by a 39-year-old drunk driver drove into the oncoming lane and collided with Hyundai, killing a family with three children. Only one boy has managed to survive, he is in a serious condition now.

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During a working trip to the Kherson region, the president "took control" of the situation with ...the domestic potato growing. The President was outraged that Ukraine imports such a traditional product from abroad. Obviously, at the same time, going out into the field, Zelensky gave a strict order to the potatoes to grow thicker and more productively, and ordered the Colorado beetles not to touch our potatoes.

Among other cases was the evacuation of Anastasia Zinchenko and her dog from China due to Covid-19 lockdown (which, by the way, did not take place then). The head of state also supervised another evacuation – the Delfi tanker, which sank near Odesa last year. It happened on November 22, 2019, but the ship is still there.

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