Ukrainian soldiers help Afghan people from Canada to evacuate from Kabul

Source : 112 Ukraine

The military men accompanied cars with Afghan people, who could not make it to the airport
15:01, 30 August 2021

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Ukrainian soldiers have helped the Afghan people who have the permission for permanent residence in Canada, to evacuate from Kabul, despite the ban of the American military men as The Globe and Mail reported.

“A plane carrying Afghan translators, including one who worked for The Globe and Mail and another who served the Canadian military, as well as their families, has arrived in Kyiv following a daring operation by Ukrainian soldiers stationed at Kabul airport,” the message says

The issue is that Ottawa promised to resettle all refugees if they make it to reach the third countries. That is why, the government of Canada solicited support for the safe flight from Kabul to Kyiv, where they will take refugees to North America.

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After the suicide bombing of a suicide attacker at the Kabul Airport, when at least 175 people died, the American military men who controlled the airport banned all Afghan people, even with visas, to enter the territory of the airport.

Despite these restrictions, the Ukrainian troops entered Kabul to accompany two cars with translators who were heading to Canada and their families (19 people) to the aerodrome.

The soldier had photos of plates of the minibusses and they surrounded and accompanied transport during the last 600 meters up to the airport.

“The convoy entered [the airport] because the Ukrainians came out. We just sent them the plate numbers of our vehicles … and they came to the local bazaar to find us. They said ‘Ukraine?’ we said ‘Yes!’ and they took us inside,” said Mohammed Sharif Sharaf, a 49-year-old father of five who spent 10 years as a fixer and translator assisting The Globe’s coverage of Canada’s role in the war for Afghanistan.

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The first two attempts of the evacuation of these people were unsuccessful because the military men of Canada and the U.S. could not provide the passage to the airport. The evacuated people stated that they were stunned that the Ukrainian troops rescued them instead of Canadians and Americans. “The Ukrainian soldiers were angels for us. They did an exceptional job. They have big hearts,” one of the rescued people said.

As we reported, a total of more than 600 citizens, including foreigners, were evacuated on Ukrainian planes from Afghanistan.  The issue is about Ukrainians, members of their families, foreign journalists, human right activists and people, who faced threats.



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