Ukrainian parliament did not allow prosecution of Opposition Block MPs Vilkul, Kolesnikov

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The Prosecutor General did not ask to provide the agreement for the detention and arrest of MPs
20:31, 16 October 2018

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine did not allow the prosecution of MPs and representatives of "Opposition Block" Olexandr Vilkul and Dmytro Kolesnikov as 112 Ukraine broadcasted.

In response to the evidence of Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General, Vilkul came forward to accuse the Prosecutor General's Office in the violations.

"Now it is my turn for accusations, I accuse as the citizen of Ukraine, as MP, an one of the victims of the criminal activity of the prosecutor's office. I demand to prosecute the officials of the Prosecutor General's Office, as the signs of the number of the crimes provided by the Criminal Code of Ukraine can be seen in their actions," Vilkul said.

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He called such violations the abuse of power or official position, forgery, prosecution of a person known to be innocent, intentional criminal actions that aim to seize another's property by abuse of official position, tortures, abuse of official position. Also, he claimed about the obstruction of his activity as Ukraine's MP, lifting the confidentiality of the investigation and telephone conversations of the public figure.

"All that I say is supported by the proper documentation and will be proved at the court if it takes place. I claim that such behavior of the prosecutor's office is a dangerous precedent and manipulation of human rights. I am ready to defend my reputation in both, Ukrainian courts and European Court of Human Rights. But I will also aim the prosecution of the forgers and criminals in uniform in any possible way.

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Talking about Kolesnikov, Lutsenko said that he signed the documents that led to the illegal alienation of the state property in the sum of $598,000. The Prosecutor General's Office sees the abuse of power or official position that led to the serious consequences in his actions.

"I cannot accuse and I am not accusing Mr. MP in the privatization of the state enterprise. We accuse him of the opening of the gates by the provision of the legal possibility for the further criminal actions of other officials despite keeping watch of the property of the strategic meaning entrusted to him," Lutsenko said.

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In his turn, Kolesnikov claimed that he has no relevance to the alienation of the state property.

"The property of the institute was not withdrawn from the state property for the rental. Any decisions on the change of the property status were made by me. From December 2012, I was working as the regional state administration chairman. All events we are talking about took place in 2013.

On October 8, the regulatory committee recognized the petition of the Prosecutor General for lifting of the immunity from Dmytro Kolesnikov, later the same decision was made against Olexandr Vilkul.

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As we reported Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko presented a filing petition to the Verkhovna Rada on limiting immunity and prosecution of Oleksandr Vilkul, Dmytro Kolesnikov and Serhiy Dunayev, tne MPs of “Opposition Block.”

Later the Verkhovna Rada Committee has recognized legal and grounded the appeal for the removal of immunity from the member of the Opposition Bloc Serhiy Dunaev.

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