Ukraine's snap elections 2019: Election agenda of Zelensky's Servant of the People party

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Find out the position of the pro-presidential party on national security issues, foreign policy, anti-corruption activity, and social standards
17:04, 10 July 2019

Ukraine’s snap parliamentary elections are scheduled for July 21. Parliamentary elections will be held on the mixed electoral system: a voter will receive two different ballots, with a list of parties and with a list of single-mandate candidates.

Servant of the People party, leader of the election race, might get about 40% of the votes, the polls say. Let us make it clear, what the pro-presidential party promises in its election program.

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National security

In a belligerent country, the issue of national security and defense somehow comes to the fore. Servant of the People promises to provide legislative support for the President’s initiatives aimed at restoring the territorial integrity and state sovereignty of Ukraine.

It is noted that defense spending should be at least 5% of GDP. The party also promises to restore the reform of the Armed Forces according to NATO standards.

"We will introduce harsh penalties for corruption and theft in the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense. We decentralize and demonopolize defensive government procurement," the party’s election program reads.

Servant of the People also assures that they would stop the outflow of valuable personnel from the army, a system of training and retraining of soldiers and officers would be introduced. They promise to regulate the right to own weapons at the legislative level.

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Foreign policy

Servant of the People team promises to adopt some laws necessary for the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU and the expansion of cooperation with the European Union and NATO.

In addition, the leader of the pre-election race declares that they would support the President’s initiatives on “resetting relations with Ukraine’s closest neighbors in the West.”

The welfare of Ukrainians and social standards

Servant of the People promises to create a National Economic Strategy with a key goal - to achieve the level of income and quality of life of Ukrainians above the European average. It is also proposed to establish an "economic passport of the Ukrainians," according to which all the children will receive a portion of the exploitation of natural resources into individual accounts.

It is reported that the basic material support for teachers will be at the level of three minimum wages, and all social benefits will be converted into cash. Candidates also promise to introduce a system of compulsory medical insurance and create conditions for the development of preventive medicine.

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In addition, it is planned to provide coverage of 100% of the territory of Ukraine with broadband Internet.

Fighting corruption

In order to combat corruption, Servant of the People proposes to launch online state services. Also, candidates promise to carry out a "radical cleansing and restarting the prosecutor's office."

“We will ensure real independence of anti-corruption bodies,” the election program says.

In addition, they promise to introduce compulsory confiscation of property of corrupt officials, as well as a system of monetary remuneration for citizens upon detection of corruption.

The Security Service (SBU), the Prosecutor General’s Office (GPU) and the National Police promise to get rid of the functions of restraining the business. The State Fiscal Service would be deprived of the law-enforcement function.

It is also noted that "an audit of state functions would be conducted and, accordingly, a reduction of the state bodies." In addition, a tax on the withdrawn capital will be introduced as soon as the necessary economic conditions arise.

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Economy, tariffs, and infrastructure 

The party promises to introduce a state program to support innovations and industries that might be key in the development of the economy. The program proposes to introduce a state strategy to optimize housing and utility tariffs by de-monopolizing energy markets, increasing own energy production and eliminating the corruption component in tariff setting.

Candidates also assure that they would create conditions for the development of "green" energy and prevent the risks of monopolizing the industry. And all formula pricing like "Rotterdam +" will be abolished.

The party promises to introduce a "simple procedure for opening and closing a business electronically."

It is noted that a program of "commercial diplomacy" will be launched to promote Ukrainian goods to global markets.

As for the infrastructure, the parties promise to introduce an independent quality control of the construction and repair of roads, as well as create legislative conditions for the construction of concrete roads.

Power reform

Members of the Servant of the People party promise to cancel the immunity of Ukrainian MPs. In addition, it is proposed to develop a mechanism for recalling MPs, who have lost voters’ confidence.

“We will create a mechanism of popular veto on the laws that have just been passed. We will introduce mechanisms for citizens to influence government decisions through referendums. We will return the responsibility of officials for illegal enrichment,” the party’s electoral program reads.


Candidates for MPs promise to introduce open lists and electronic voting in elections. It is also proposed to restart the High Council of Justice and the High Qualifications Commission of Judges.


National identity

Servant of the People proposes to conduct a national census of the population. Candidates also promise to introduce a humanitarian policy that "would promote the cultural, civil, and spiritual unification of the citizens of Ukraine."

“We will create a system of informational reintegration of residents of the occupied territories in Ukraine,” the candidates say.

It is also proposed to create a system of support for the Ukrainian language and culture with the help of fiscal incentives and priority state funding.

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