Ukraine’s population to reduce to 36.42 million people by 2050

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Ukraine is among top-10 countries facing a demographic disaster
11:52, 26 January 2018

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The top 10 countries with the fastest shrinking populations are all in Eastern Europe (with a few in Central and Northern Europe), according to UN projections. Bulgaria, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, might see their population shrink by 15% or more by 2050. Ukraine’s population will reduce to 36.42 million people by 2050. This was reported by the Quartz agency.

“Many post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe are heading for a major demographic decline,” says Tomas Sobotka, a lead researcher at Wittgenstein Centre, which analysis population dynamics. “And, what’s more, many have already experienced massive population declines in the last 25 years,” he added.

At least 11 countries have shrunk by more than 10% in terms of their population size since 1989, Sobotka says, including, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine. Latvia lost over a quarter of its population (27%), Lithuania 23%, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina 21%. For instance, Bulgarian population contracted from 9 million in 1989 to 7.1 million in 2017. “That’s a massive population loss, unprecedented in peace times,” he explains.

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Sobotka puts this population loss down to three factors—falling fertility rates, massive out-migration and relatively high mortality. “So whereas Western and southern European countries have attracted a lot of immigration which largely offset the effects of low fertility, the East is in a double bind, experiencing both out-migration and low birth rates,” he says.

As it was reported earlier, since the beginning of 2017, the population of Ukraine has decreased by 139,6 thousand people. As of September 1, 2017, the population of the country is 42 million 444 thousand, according to the State Statistics Service.

 There is a significant excess of the number of deaths over the number of births: 63 live births per 100 deaths. According to Statistics Service, as of August 1, the population of Ukraine was 42 million 514 thousand people.

Statistics show that since the beginning of the year 243,862 people were born in Ukraine, and 386,505 people died.

In addition, since the beginning of the year 218,1 thousand people left Ukraine, and the number of arrivals is 221,1 thousand people.

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