Ukraine's parliament supports draft bill on state language as basis

Source : 112 Ukraine

261 MPs voted for the draft law elaborated in the committee
18:19, 4 October 2018


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has supported the draft law #5670-d "On provision of the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language" as the basis. 261 MPs voted in the affirmative as 112 Ukraine broadcasted.

The draft law defines the Ukrainian language as the only official language in Ukraine. The document regulates the use of the language in all spheres of the social life, however, it does not extend on the private communication.

It is stated that every citizen of Ukraine has to know the state language and the state, in its turn, provides all possibilities for this. The foreigners will be obliged to learn the Ukrainian language to get the Ukrainian citizenship.

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The document obliges the high-ranked officials and public officials to know the Ukrainian language. The president, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Prime Minister and their deputies, the Security Service (SBU) head, Prosecutor General, the National Bank Head, the members of the Audit Court, Ukrainian parliament commissioner for human rights and defense of the state language, chairman of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Chairman of Council of Ministers of Crimea are among them.

Also, the officers, law enforcers and representatives of the special services, advocates, notaries, heads of the public and communal kindergartens, schools, institutes of the secondary and high education: teachers, tutors, scientists; doctors of the public and communal institutes, other officials should speak in Ukrainian.

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According to the draft law, the working communication should be in Ukrainian, as well as the paperwork and office work. The legal proceedings are held in the state language, with the exclusions according to the procedural code. The Ukrainian language is used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and during the cross of the state border.

The document defines that every citizen of Ukraine has a right to get the education language. The languages of the national minorities can be used along with the state language in the kindergartens according to the legislation. The independent external testing will be held only in the Ukrainian language since 2025 (excluding the foreign languages).

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The language of the science, culture, book publishing, TV and mass media, computer programs, ads, mail should be Ukrainian, according to the acting law.

The clients in different spheres should be served in the Ukrainian language and in any other only on the request of a client. Particularly, the service in the transport service is provided in the Ukrainian.

The draft law provides the creation of the National Commission on the standards of the state language. This body will be authorized to approve the standards of the Ukrainian language, particularly, the demands to the level of its knowledge. The document provides a norm on how many people should enter the commission and the rules of their work.

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It is established that the only document that provides the level of the knowledge of the Ukrainian language is the state certificate of the established model.

Moreover, the draft law provides the implementation of the post of the Commissioner for the defence of the state language. It is supposed that the citizens will be able to appeal to the official bodies if their right for the Ukrainian language is violated. Such commissioner will be able to make a decision on the holding of the language expertise.

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Earlier we reported that the status of Ukraine's state language will be endorsed over the course of the next ten years when the government implements the respective program. 

On February 28, 2018, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine produced a ruling in regards to whether the law “On the principles of the state language policy” #5029-VI (the so-called “Kolesnychenko-Kivalov” law).

The Law "On the Principles of language policy", submitted to the Verkhovna Rada by MPs Vadym Kolesnichenko and Serhiy Kivalov. According to the law, the language of the Verkhovna Rada and acts of public authorities, is Ukrainian. When it comes to the language of elections, referendums, science, and education - the focus is on the human right to freely use any language.

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