Ukraine's new government with old oligarchs?

Author : Ihor Lutsenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

The composition of the updated Cabinet gives an answer to the question of why this campaign against the “Soros people” was needed
09:00, 5 March 2020

Press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers

The new government of the old oligarchs?

The composition of the updated Cabinet gives an answer to the question of why this campaign against the “Soros people” was needed, and why it was launched on a large mass media of the country with varying degrees of shamelessness. Answer: to cover up the obvious fact that the government has been formed and is now being formed by domestic oligarchs according to the quota principle.

In fact, it was not Soros, distant and more mythologized, directed personnel policy of the Zelensky government, but rather close, real people – Akhmetov and Pinchuk.

But the fact is the further, the more obvious the government consists of top managers of Ukrainian oligarchs. If you can consider the oligarchs Ukrainian.

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Now the list of surnames of the new Cabinet is an irrefutable reason for congratulating the oligarchy on a brilliant victory over the Ukrainian people.

And you can't call it revenge. For never, except for a few days in the tragic February of 2014, did power fall out of the hands of the largest shareholders of the Ukrainian economy.

In 2014, after the bloody suppression of the popular uprising against Yanukovych and his flight, the oligarchs instantly regained their influence on the country. Maidan, at the cost of heavy losses, having won the battle, lost the war.

Everything was repeated in 2020 after the election of Zelensky when voters organized a "rebellion" against the current political class. The new elite turned out to be flesh from the flesh the “daughter” of the old. Unless temporarily diluted by the profane.

After all, the current officials are “children” raised in oligarchic corporations, to some extent suitable for management, but definitely able to occupy those strategic offices, suitable for attacking the schemes of criminal enrichment of the Ukrainian moneybags.

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Their function of these officials is not to create new holes in the budget or in the assets of the State Property Fund. Their main mission is to save the loot from the return to the people, and corruption schemes from liquidation.

This is a new pact of Zelensky and the oligarchs. They provide him with the relative controllability of the country, and he does not touch them either in terms of criminal prosecution or in terms of the economy in the direction of competitiveness and demonopolization.

This is an agreement formula that guarantees a less rapid burning of the rating of the current head of state. This is the arrangement that has always existed - from Kuchma’s times to today. Now it is officially approved in the Verkhovna Rada and put on display by everyone in the form of a list of names whose biographies are inextricably linked with native top scammers and top gangsters.

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And no Soros.

p.s. So, there should be an analog term to “Soros people” – “Akhmetov people” or “Pinchuk people.”

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