Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Russia to cancel illegal verdict of Pavlo Gryb

Source : 112 Ukraine

The inmate cannot withstand the transfer and arrest in inhuman conditions of the Russian penalty institutions
17:48, 22 March 2019

Pavlo Gryb, the Ukrainian political prisoner

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly protests because of the unlawful decision of the North Caucasus Regional Military Court to sentence Pavlo Gryb to six years in prison under the fake accusations in terrorist activity on March 22. It is stated in the claim of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“The Russian party severely violated the norms and principles of international law, starting with the brutal detaining of Pavlo Gryb in the city of Gomel (Belarus) on August 24, 2017, then refusing to give the information on his whereabouts for a long time, illegally putting him into custody in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don, not providing him with the necessary medical treatment and the unlawful sentencing by the court. The facts on the falsified charges, threats, physical and psychological violence from the Russian security forces, which Gryb testified during the court hearing, were defiantly rejected by the court”, - the report said.

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According to the Ministry, the Russian party severely violated human rights, including the right on the faircourt hearing and the right for life, with this decision.

“Gryb cannot withstand the transfer and arrest in inhuman conditions of the Russian penalty system because of his obtained extremely severe illnesses. Pavlo Gryb needs the constant high-quality supervision of doctors, a regular comprehensive medical examination and hospitalization”, - the report said.

The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from Russia to cancel the verdict in Gryb’s case and to provide him with medical treatment that he could be safely transferred to Ukraine. Besides, the Ministry called for the international society to put pressure on Russia in order them to stop the severe violations of human rights and to release illegally detained Gryb.

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“Ukraine continues to use all the possible political and diplomatic means in order to release Pavlo Gryb and other detained citizens of Ukraine, who were illegally convicted because of the political motives on territories of the Russian Federation and in Crimea”, the report added.

Pavlo Klimkin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, called for the whole civilized world to apply pressure on Russia for the soonest release of Pavlo Gryb. “The aggressor state does not know what mercy, humanity, and dignity mean. The Russian fake ‘fair court system’ sentenced seriously ill Pavlo Gryb to six years-long imprisonment. Instead of medical care and surgery, which he critically needs, Pavlo was sentenced to six years of the colony, like according to the best Stalinist traditions. This is how the Russian judiciary system works”, - Klimkin stated.

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Earlier, on March 22, the Russian court sentenced Ukrainian Pavlo Gryb to six years in standard regime penal colony for terrorism. Pavlo Gryb announced a hunger strike.

As is known, Pavlo Gryb is the son of the former Ukrainian border guard Ihor Gryb. Russian special agency detained the 19-year-old boy on August 25, 2017, when he went to Gomel (Belarus) to meet his friend. Later, he was convoyed to Russia. The Russian law enforcers suspect Pavlo Gryb of preparing a terrorist attack at a school in Sochi (a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Black Sea coast, - 112 International).

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