Ukraine's Defense Ministry forces female soldiers to march in high heels in parade

Author : Iryna Shostak

Source : 112 Ukraine

The idea of Ukraine's Ministry of Defense to have female soldiers march in high heels instead of army boots in a parade next month have caused angry reactions
11:41, 5 July 2021

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has been accused of sexism. It happened due to the photographs of military girls practicing a ceremonial combat step for Independence Day in high-heeled shoes. Ukrainian users did not appreciate this innovation. After a wave of criticism, officials began to give conflicting comments. As a result, no one understood what the women would be marching in at the parade.

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Ministry of Defense posted on its Facebook page a post with a marching women to show that the preparations for the parade are in full swing. By the morning, hundreds of accusations of sexism fell on the department officials.

Public people also use similar statements. So, in particular, MP from European Solidarity faction Iryna Gerashchenko noted that such a decision of the department not only contradicts the struggle for equality, but even humiliates women.

“We fought hard for women's right to a career in the security and defense sector, we have come a long way. But there are many problems... But it never occurred to me that the minister, instead of solving problems, would think of heels in the parade! On hot asphalt!" Gerashchenko noted.

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In addition to accusations of sexism, Ukrainians, trying to wake up the representatives of the department and commander-in-chief of Zelensky himself, with a pang of conscience, indicate that it is very uncomfortable and difficult to march in shoes.

"This is unhealthy. To understand what a combat step (in Ukraine, Prussian, in which the leg rises very high, - ed.) In heels and its orthopedic consequences for the back, legs, etc., is not necessary to experiment. Just imagine that in these shoes you are drilled to beat off a combatant on the parade ground. Every blow with a heel on the concrete is a blow to the spine. For days, weeks, months (because this is how the parade rehearsals)," veteran Maria Berlinska notes on her Facebook page.

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The head of the Ministry of Defense got the most: in addition to "pulling out" from the dead end of general condemnation and misunderstanding, into which the Ministry drove itself with its own hands. Andriy Taran will have a difficult choice from several pairs of shoes, kindly presented by the beautiful representatives of the Rada immediately after the speech about the investigation of the "sexist" decision.

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Do heels fit into a military girl's uniform?

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the order, according to which military girls are provided with "ceremonial" shoes with heels in summer and winter, is still there. And it was adopted back in November 2017, when Petro Poroshenko was president, and Stepan Poltorak was the minister of defense.

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The same as for men – low shoes, but not "ankle boots." That is, if you follow the logic, at this parade men's "boxes" should be marching in low shoes.

Apparently, the Ukrainian authorities have seen enough of parades in countries such as North Korea and Venezuela, where women also march in shoes.

However, the fun began later. Trying to extinguish the scandal, Defense Minister Taran promised the MPs that the shoes at the parade would be different. Then, in a media commentary, the Gender Adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces clarified that the girls will be wearing boots at the parade. They are not yet in nature. The tender procedure for manufacturing will be announced only from Monday. The shoes will also have heels, but their height will be 5.4 cm, and not 7, as on the shoes from the parade rehearsal.

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And then the Ministry of Defense came onto the scene and announced that it was not an army matter to cave in under a wave of criticism. And "this year, on the Independence Day, female servicemen will go in full dress uniforms." Does this mean that the shoes remain? With such communicators, as in the Ministry of Defense, we will not find out about this. As well as we do not guarantee that the officials will not remove this post, therefore we will leave it here.

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Did you know that women in the army still do not have special underwear (they are given a man's underwear) and body armor, taking into account the characteristics of a woman's figure? But who cares. But the army has shoes. And we want to join NATO.

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