Ukraine to get visa-free regime once suspension procedure is adopted

Mingarelli sees no link between EU's migrants challenge and granting visa-free regime for Ukraine
14:21, 17 November 2016

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Ukraine will receive a visa-free regime as soon as the consensus concerning suspension procedure of agreements to lift visa obligations is reached. This was announced by the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli in his interview for Interfax-Ukraine.

The EU discusses the issue of horizontal nature, connected to the withdrawal of a visa-free regime, according to him.

"Once adopted, this decision will be applicable to all agreements to lift visa obligations, not only with Ukraine. The discussion between the European Parliament and the European Council has no relation to Ukraine, and as soon as the agreement suspension procedure is established, the visa-free regime will be granted to Ukraine. I cannot say exactly when it will happen, but I hope that it will happen as soon as possible," he said.

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Mingarelli sees no direct link between the EU's challenge concerning migrants and the issue of granting visa-free regime Ukraine.

"The European Union is trying to cope with this challenge (migration flows) now. But I do not see a direct link between this challenge and the issue of granting visa-free regime to Ukraine," he added.

Earlier it was reported that EU will decide on visa-free regime with Ukraine till the end of this year, according to Klympush Tsintsadze. But there are no guarantees that voting on visa-free regime with Ukraine will take place before November 24.

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17 November 2016, 16:51
The Rada is all for it. The Council is reducing its last arguments against it. Next it's the EU Parliament's turn, then the individual members. 6000 Ukrainian 'religious pilgrims' overstaying their welcomes in the EU (in what is called an 'immigration scam') aren't going to help. I'm betting that while EUkrainia may get new front teeth for Christmas they won't be getting visa free travel to the EU.
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