Ukraine to face the hot phase of Donbas war: What should we do about it?

Author : Vadym Denysenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukrainian MP on killing civilians and giving several tough military responses that would allow to expand Ukraine-controlled territories
15:26, 1 June 2017

Read the original text at Facebook of Vadym Denysenko, Ukrainian MP, Bloc of Petro Poroshenko.

Targeted civilians is becoming commonplace in Ukraine. Now it is only a matter of time, when "indignant politicians" would start shouting about the necessity of going over to a tough offensive.

Why did Putin give the order to shoot the civilians?

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The answer to this question is very simple. Now he is losing the geopolitical game to Trump, Macron, and Merkel. He needs to bring everyone back to the negotiating table on favorable terms.

Now Putin does not do anything new or original. He is deliberately whips up the situation to repeat the story of "Blockade-2," when Ukraine has cut off a piece of the economy with its own hands. Only this time, we must begin fighting, which would cause a large number of civilian casualties.

What is the tactic of Putin's strategists?

In order to solve geopolitical tasks, in addition to the above-mentioned idea to make Ukrainians massively kill civilians, there are several more aims. The beginning of the hot phase of the war will necessarily be accompanied by a sharp surge of anti-war sentiments. At the same time, a political crisis will begin ("war is profitable, because it gives opportunities to launder money"). Now it is very difficult to predict the end of the crisis, but the Russians will put a lot of efforts to show that Ukraine is an uncontrolled territory.

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The second task is to expand the gray zone at the expense of our territories and force several thousand people to leave Avdiyivka, Krasnohorivka, etc.

What should we do?

The worst thing we can do is hide our head in the sand and wait for the situation to get worse. Now we need to conduct a massive and fast informational campaign "Putin kills civilians.” And it should be conducted in 2-3 weeks from today. And in parallel our diplomats should begin their dialogue about the fact that we will have to respond adequately to these challenges.

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And finally, the third task is to give several tough military answers that would allow to expand the gray area due to the territories controlled by “LPR/DPR.”

Is it possible to this? Of course. The only threat to the fulfillment of this plan is the desire not to make any decision.

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