Ukraine as hostage of US-Iran propaganda warfare

Author : Ilya Kusa

Source : 112 Ukraine

The plane crash did not become yet another battlefront and an irritant in Iran’s relations with the West
10:10, 13 January 2020

Nazanin Tabatabaee/WANA via REUTERS

Iran officially recognized that it has accidentally shot down a Ukrainian plane. The preliminary results of the examination came.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif apologized and said that a mistake had occurred and the human factor played a role. The passenger airliner was mistaken for a military target amid escalating regional tensions.

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This is a competent and correct step on the part of Iran, which effectively knocks out hostile comments like "Iran is a barbarian state" or "totalitarian regimes never recognize anything and cover everything."

Unfortunately, this situation showed that in such regional proxy conflicts, innocent people suffer the most, and this time Ukraine became subject to this confrontation.

This proves that the world is interconnected and various processes on other continents can influence us.

The crash has become an instrument of the information war between the parties. And Iran struck back, promptly taking away from the United States a toxic topic that they could use all subsequent years to put pressure on the Islamic Republic if Tehran began to go into denial and a dead defense.

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Moreover, the Iranians obviously brought a message here (they promote it through local media), which should show that Iran is much more constructive and adequate than the United States itself (and possibly other countries).

Indeed, at one time, the United States did not officially recognize de jure its guilt for the downing of the Iranian passenger airliner A300 over the Persian Gulf in 1988 in very similar regional conditions.

The US agreed to pay financial compensation to the families of the victims, but only after seven years of litigation with Iran already in 1996.

It is very important for Iran to demonstrate constructive and sober thinking. This is part of their outreach war with the United States, a long game that they launched back in May 2018, when Washington pulled out of a "nuclear agreement" with Iran.

They invited all parties to conduct the investigation, waited until everyone around laid out numerous versions of what had happened, millions of times said that Iran “bulldozed the field of the incident,” “hid the data,” “categorically denies everything,” etc., and then admitted that there was a mistake.

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I think, Europe breathed a sigh of relief. The plane crash did not become yet another battlefront and an irritant in Iran’s relations with the West. Further escalation of the regional conflict in the Middle East is not profitable for the EU, as well as for Ukraine.

By the way, now Ukraine has several tasks:

  1. Get compensation.
  2. Ensure that the guilty are punished.
  3. Complete the investigation until the end (our experts are still there) in order to add the final result to a full report.

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