Tymoshenko and her political party would win elections in the near future, - “Rating” public opinion poll

Source : 112 Ukraine

17.4% of respondents would vote for the party
16:17, 28 November 2016

press service of Batkivshchyna

All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" became the leader of political sympathies of Ukrainians among political parties, Yulia Tymoshenko is also ranked first in the presidential rating. These results were taken from the survey conducted by the “Rating” sociological group in November 2016. Results of the study were published on the group’s website.

According to the poll results, 17.4 per cent of respondents, who made up their mind and were planning to take part in the elections, would vote for Fatherland party if the parliamentary elections took place in the near future. 12.6% would support Petro Poroshenko Bloc "Solidarity", 11.1% would vote for Opposition Bloc, 8.4% for Radical Party, 7.4% for "Self Reliance" Union, 6.2% for “For life” party, 6.1% would support Svoboda, 5.6% for Civil Position, 3.1% for Saakashvili party, around 3% would support Yarosh movement and UKROP party.

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As can be seen for the results of the study, eight parties could break the 5 % barrier and enter the parliament.

Yulia Tymoshenko would become the leader in president ranking, supported by 17.7 per cent of respondents who are willing to take part in the voting and made up their mind.

Speaking about other possible presidential candidates, Poroshenko is supported by 14.3% of respondents, Boyko - 10.2%, Lyashko - 9.9%, Gritsenko – 8.2%, Rabinovich - 7.5%, Sadovyi- 7.3%, Tyahnybok- 4.5%, Yarosh – 2.4%.

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Simulation of the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine gave the following results: in a Tymoshenko and Poroshenko pair, 16% would support the current head of state, 27% - the leader of "Fatherland" party.

Compared with the results in June, support of Tymoshenko in this pair rose from 20% to 27%, the result of Poroshenko has not changed. Tymoshenko has strong support in all regions, she is also supported mostly by followers of other candidates and undecided voters.

The dissolution of Parliament and call for new elections to the Verkhovna Rada is supported by 45% of respondents, 42% are against it, undecided - 13%. The highest number of votes for early elections was reporded in the South (55%) and East (47%). Somewhat lower results were taken in the center - 44%, the lowest support was in the West - 39%. "Opposition bloc" (78%) and the Party "For life" (71%) are the main supporters of re-election to the parliament.

46% support the president's resignation and new elections, 42% - are against it, 12% - undecided. The highest hopes for the early re-election of the President were recorded in the South (59%) and East (53%).

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