Travel abroad during Covid-19 pandemic: Four tips

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Some recent cases have shown that an unprepared trip could end in an airport detention center or even deportation
11:55, 10 July 2020

The pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19 continues to rage around the world. Despite the active struggle of countries with the disease, the virus does not abate.

For example, over the last day in the United States a new anti-record was set - almost 62,000 new cases of Covid-19. There is also an anti-record in the world - over 200,000 infections per day, as evidenced by the data of the Johns Hopkins Center. Ukraine is also far from defeating the coronavirus.

For many, external tourism has faded into the background, and Ukrainians have turned their eyes to domestic tourist destinations (by the way, we have a couple of tips for you on this). But not all.

The situation at the moment is as follows: Ukrainians, unlike the spring period, can now fly abroad. But not in all countries, and only if they adhere to certain rules.

If you are bored here, and still want to go somewhere outside Ukraine, we have some tips for you that should help to do this as correctly as possible.

That is, without the risk of being in a detention center and threatened with deportation, which a group of Ukrainian tourists in Greece recently encountered.

Try to avoid flying abroad this year

The tip is pretty simple. And, probably, one of the most important at the moment. The situation with coronavirus today is so risky that the rules change almost weekly (or even more often).

As an example: a country that is on the "permit list", after some time, due to frequent cases of the virus may be in the "forbidden list". And this can happen in just a week.

That is, if you take tickets for a flight to conditional Albania, be prepared for the fact that communication with this country may be reviewed due to the epidemic situation.

So domestic tourism at the present time is the best option. But, if it still does not suit you, then ...

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Step one

VERY CAREFULLY view the list of countries where you can fly

A list and even an interactive map are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are currently 23 countries on the list. And it can both expand and narrow.

The list contains both “visa-free” countries and countries where a visa is needed. And, of course, there are areas popular among Ukrainians: Turkey, Egypt, Albania, Montenegro.

Open source

However, you cannot just fly all over the country. For example, Tunisia can only be reached with a negative test for Covid-19 and quarantine from 7 to 14 days.

You can visit Croatia if you have confirmed the reservation of a hotel or guest accommodation. If you go to Egypt, you will be subjected to mandatory 14-day isolation AFTER RETURN.

A complete list of countries with explanations is here. Click, get acquainted, and remember: all these rules are very important, and all of them should be re-read very carefully. Otherwise, you risk not getting into the selected country but creating yourself a bunch of problems.

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Second step

We highly recommend flying a direct flight. And avoid transfers

In fact, for the same reason. Everything is changing too quickly, especially in the current conditions, as, for example, Yevropeiska Pravda clarifies, transit in the Schengen zone is currently working very poorly.

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Third step

Be very attentive to the documents

It has always been important, now it matters even more. You must be sure that no questions will arise regarding the purpose of your visit and other documentation.

For example, it was the purpose of the visit that became a stumbling block for Ukrainian tourists in Greece. And only people who proved the "business purpose" of the trip and students were allowed into the country.

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Fourth step

Be sure to write down the numbers of the hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local consulate.

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