Training hunting center with wild animals found near Lviv

Source : 112 Ukraine

Animal advocates found the training hunting complex near the house of Lapaivka village council deputy Roman Pelekh
18:25, 13 November 2018

caged in training hunting center near Lviv, Nov.6, 2018
Orest Zalypsky Facebook

Animal advocates found wild animals trapped in cages in Lapaivka village near Lviv. Most likely, foxes, badgers, and racoons were held for the training of the hunting dogs. The journalists found the territory designed for this in the woods. A village deputy was in charge of this business. this was reported by agency.

The eco-activists were the first to publish the photographs of caged animals. A fox, racoon, and an animal, which resembled a young wolf, were trapped in the cages in the open air. When the journalists arrived a few hours later, the cells were already empty.

"At first, we asked if they were selling animal here. We wanted to buy a fox, but we were told that they were not selling anything. After that, we walked a couple of meters and saw the cages with animals in them. By the time everyone arrived, these animals have already been hidden," the activist Orest Zalypsky said.

People who work nearby also noticed the animals.

"An animal that looked like a badger. There was a red fox, one or two, I’m not sure. I thought there was a zoo there," the builder Roman told.

A man, who, according to activists, looked after the animals, denies his connection to the animals.

"This is not my territory. I leave my car here. This is my city. As far as I know, the animals were being rescued. They were wounded. They were not always here. Now the owner will come and will tell you" the local resident Volodymyr explained.

Police arrived at the site and wrote an appeal. Activists assure that the animals were used for hounding and tournaments between hunting dogs. The announcements on the forum of the Wildlife Federation Kennel of Ukraine prove this. Even the organizer of the competition is mentioned there - Lapaivka village council deputy Roman Pelekh. The man denies everything.

"No, I do not have any training hunting center. What animals? I do not have any animals," Roman Pelekh said.

Lapaivka village council deputy Roman Pelekh
Orest Zalypsky Facebook

The journalists have found a hunting complex in the forest a kilometer away from the deputy's house. There is an inscription "private territory" at the entrance. Behind the boom gate, there are gazebos and artificial concrete burrows. Local residents also say that hounding is regularly held there: "There are dogs there and foxes. They throw foxes in there and they tear them up. There are plenty of them! They come here to train. "

“Animals are not hounded at the station,” says Yaroslav Rohotsky, the head of the office of Ukraine’s Wildlife Federation Kennel. The dogs are just being trained here, he claims.

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"The exercises are non-contacting and there is no harm for the animals. Dogs are not allowed to cripple or strangle them," the Rohotsky assures.

The owner of the missing animals must have just released them from the cages. The next day, activists found an injured fox in the neighboring village. By the end of Tuesday the animal died. Another fox was ran over by the car on the road.

Earlier, animal rights activists demand to save 300 sheep from slaughter. The problem emerged as a Turkish businessman ordered 300 sheep from Ukraine. As they arrived in Turkey, the customer refused to take them due to bureaucratic issues. The sheep were taken back to Ukraine and taken to the quarantine zone; before that happened, the herd stayed at a local seaport for two weeks without any food or water. More than 50 animals died of starvation and exhaustion.

It was decided to dispose of 300 sheep which have been kept in a closed wagon in the port of Odesa region for more than two weeks. The State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection of Ukraine noted that it was impossible to return animals to Ukraine over the threat of spreading dangerous animal diseases.

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