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The most popular search query on Google in Ukraine in 2020 were pandemic, coronavirus, and lockdown
21:00, 15 December 2020

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The outgoing year has brought us a lot of new and incomprehensible, and sometimes frankly frightening. To calm our nerves a little and to clarify the rapidly developing events, we, of course, asked Google the questions we were concerned about. Let's take a closer look at exactly what answers to the question "What is?" Ukrainians were looking for.

The top questions:

what is pandemic

what is coronavirus

what is lockdown

what is default

what is auf

what is snus

what is crash

what is cringey

what is weekend quarantine

what is a state of emergency.

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A pandemic is an incredibly rapid spread of a new disease for which there is no effective treatment. The disease covers entire countries and continents; most people are not immune to it. In a word, he does not spare anyone. Humanity faced a new pandemic at the beginning of 2020. In March, WHO declared a coronavirus pandemic. Officially: the Covid-19 coronavirus infection pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Here we smoothly move on to the second most popular question - "what is coronavirus?"

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is the same hitherto unseen ailment that came to the world from China and caused the strongest pandemic. It is an acute respiratory infection, the complications of which can include life-threatening damage to the lungs and airways. The coronavirus has taught humanity to wash hands thoroughly, maintain social distance, and be in public wearing masks. Perhaps this, together with the developed vaccines, which are now undergoing the testing stage, will save humanity from a pandemic.

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The third most popular question "what is a lockdown?" has become a derivative of the strong link between the pandemic and the coronavirus. And this is logical. Humanity has not yet come up with a better way to deal with pandemics than to prohibit gathering in crowds and close everyone to their homes.

Lockdown, literally – to lock up. That is a situation in which people are prohibited from freely entering or leaving a building or a specific area (for example, due to a pandemic). During the current coronavirus pandemic, "lockdown" means the restriction of free movement within the country, between countries, full or partial restriction of contacts. The Ukrainians have already experienced all this in the spring of 2020 and will repeat it in January 2021. By introducing another lockdown, the authorities want to break the chain of transmission of the coronavirus.

The theme of lockdown can also be attributed to the Ukrainian, so to speak, invention - "weekend quarantine." And all this became possible thanks to emergency situations, although we feared the state of emergency most of all. You can read about what it is here.

A pandemic is a pandemic, but you always want to eat something. In this regard, our fellow citizens were also worried about the question "What is a default?"

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A default is when a country cannot pay off its debts in time and in full. This threatens world isolation and the inability to take new loans, the arrest of foreign assets of the state. In such cases, the country will receive funds exclusively from taxes. For citizens, this promises a reduction in benefits and social programs, businesses will begin to lay off employees, and the currency may fall several times. It remains to be hoped that Ukraine will be able to avoid it.

But let's digress from painful thoughts and pressing problems and look in the direction of youth slang, but here is where to roam.

So what is auf? In youth slang, "auf" is something like an exclamation of admiration. It can be interpreted as "class", "super", "bomb" and replace the more familiar "wow."

"Auf, what is your car!" or "Auf, I love this clip!"

Another worrying question what about snus? Snus is a type of smokeless tobacco. It is a shredded moisturized tobacco. A portion of snus is placed between the upper lip and gum, moistened with saliva, and – voila! A decent dose of nicotine enters the bloodstream. There are portions (the packaging is somewhat similar to tea bags) and loose, which is sold in boxes. In Ukraine and the EU (except Sweden), snus is not available for free sale. However, you can order it from us on specialized sites and channels in Telegram. Snus is considered as an alternative to cigarettes, while it is not harmless. Now snus is gaining popularity among Ukrainian schoolchildren – it does not leave a smell while causing a bunch of problems typical for smokers.

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And a couple more words from youth slang, the meaning of which Ukrainians were interested in from Google. A crash is a person for whom you have tender feelings, an object of sighing. "My crash is in Chernivtsi now, he would sooner return" or "Please advise nice music, I want to arrange a romantic evening for my crash." But since the crash literally translates as "break," "deform," it can also be used in the context of a computer malfunction, a sudden failure of the system.

Cringey is another buzzword among the youth internet community. Means to shudder with horror, cringe or something disgusting, vile, a way to convey negative emotions. "We went to the cinema with a crash for a new horror movie. The film turned out to be cringey."

Well, as we can see, the most exciting topic was the coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions. But life does not stand still, so we will believe that next year we will find out which vaccine against coronavirus is the most effective and where to fly on vacation.

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