Today we have only very beautiful wrapper, expensive and bright one, - Poroshenko

Everyone can find in this wrapper what they want: someone wants the reduction of tariffs, someone - the increase of salaries for teachers up to $4,000, and someone can find an increase in pensions or someone wants to return to Russia
23:05, 19 April 2019


Debates at the NSC Olimpiyskiy, Poroshenko vs Zelensky, Kyiv, 19.04.2019
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Good evening, Ukraine! Good evening, the NSC Olympiyskyi!

Finally, we have managed to gather for debates after long three weeks of waiting for the young team of my opponent to dare to appear in front of the Ukrainian people. And it is very important that we believe that when Mr. Zelensky is hiding from journalists when Mr. Zelensky is hiding from his opponent, and most importantly - he is hiding from the Ukrainian people. The right of the Ukrainian people, after all, is to know what exactly the candidate for the presidency of the country on war intends to do, and what is going to do he, not the members of his team, his consultants or advisers. And we have not found this yet.

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For the Ukrainian people, first of all, is important to know their future, and not to vilify each other, to know how we will fight the enemy, and not to spread the Russian fake news. Today, Russian propaganda is working rather actively as part of the hybrid war against our state. Today, we have finally managed to so, and I congratulate you, dear Ukrainian people, I congratulate, dear Ukrainians that gathered at this stadium with us as well.

It is a rather strange place for holding the debates, but I have taken such a decision. And we are facing the foreign challenges, the challenges which require from the president international experience.

Does the presidential candidate intend to stick to an international coalition that we have built for these five years, step by step? How is he going to serve as Supreme Commander?

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Although your team says that you have already started the course of a young soldier. This is a good thing. But it was worth starting four years ago, in 2014, when the country needed the efforts of all volunteers, and Volodymyr was dodging the draft at that time And I am sure that this is unacceptable. I emphasize that if we do not have the answers to these questions, this is a weak head of the state, a weak one who cannot withstand Putin's attacks, a weak one because it is a position that threatens the state – and the risks are enormous.

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I would like to emphasize that I believe that Mr. Zelensky does not want to sell Ukraine; I believe that Mr. Zelensky does not dream to bring Ukraine back to the Russian empire. However, Putin has such dreams.

And if he does not know how to resist this, today we must remove all the risks from the Ukrainian future for sure. I emphasize that today we have only a very beautiful wrapper, expensive and the bright one. Everyone can find in this wrapper what they want: someone wants the reduction of tariffs, about which Volodymyr have spoken today, someone - the increase of salaries for teachers up to $4,000, and someone can find an increase in pensions, someone wants to return to Russia, and someone can find a very important movement to Europe.

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However, Mr. Volodymyr, you yourself have said that you are a pig in a poke. Thus, you are not a pig in a poke, but you are a poke with four pigs, including the billionaires, the ex-members of the Party of Regionals, and everything that is threatening my state. We will not let you in the office, dear Mr. Zelensky!

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20 April 2019, 07:31
Dear Petro, you do not decide who gets into the office of President. That thinking is the problem. The people of Ukraine decide. Not the elite, not you. The people. It is a wonderful thing democracy. The people have decided on change. And on the Election Day, you will know. Not before then. Though signs are pretty clear. America elected n actor, and he did a great job, they elected a reality TV star and billionaire, and he has mixed support, but the country thrives, Iceland elected a comedian, and Iceland thrived. Maybe the world is done with oligarchies and politicians and wants success through people that really represent The People.
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