Suspect in deadly car accident had no drugs, opiate in blood

Source : 112 Ukraine

The court listened to the experts, who held the additional expert study on the possible drugs influence of Zaitseva
21:39, 23 January 2019


The experts stated that Olena Zaitseva, the suspect in the commitment of the deadly car accident in Kharkiv was not under the influence of drugs during the tragedy as a journalist of 112 Ukraine reported.

The court listened to the experts, who held the additional expert study on the possible drugs influence of Zaitseva. They confirmed that the narcotic substances were spotted in her blood.

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According to them, there was no opiate, but codeine, Phenobarbital and metamizole. The first two substances are narcotic but according to the spotted proportions, the experts decided that it was the remains of the medication.

It was also noted that the representatives of the hearing stated they are ready to proceed to the court debates. However, not all participants of the case were present today, so, if they agree on the court debates the next session, the court will start another stage.

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On October 18, 2017, Lexus ran over a group of pedestrians in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine. Alyona Zaitseva who drove the car violated the road traffic, crashing into the Volkswagen Touareg driven by Hennadiy Dronov which threw her car towards the pavement. Both drivers survived, but Lexus ran over eleven passing by people. Five pedestrians received lethal injuries; another six were taken to a hospital with injuries of various degrees of severity.  

Zaitseva was detained for two months without a right to bail. The court revoked her driver license and arrested both cars that participated in the accident.

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The prosecution stated that Zaitseva used opiates not long before the tragedy occurred. According to the information from the defence, the suspect took the sedatives.

The version of Zaitseva's defence is that the driver of the Touareg is guilty as he moved on the yellow traffic light. The defence of Gennady Dronov denies the accusation and claims that the driver of the Touareg moved on the green traffic light.

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Dronov was the witness in this case but the police claimed that his status can change. Later, the court refused to recognize Dronov sustained. Hennadiy Dronov was served with charge papers on November 2. The Court arrested Hennadiy Dronov for 42 days without the right to bail on November 8.

It was established on December 6 that Zaitseva used substances containing codeine.

On February 7, the court prolonged the arrest of two suspects in the car crash that killed six people - Olena Zaitseva and Hennadiy Dronov for two months without a right for bail.



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