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After the closure of the borders, aviation in Ukraine and in the world suffers colossal losses, carriers are trying to adapt to the new rules
10:44, 20 July 2020

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The current realities dictate their harsh conditions for the survival of the aviation industry. After the closure of the borders, aviation in Ukraine and in the world suffers colossal losses, carriers are trying to adapt to the new rules and anti-crisis measures, created by the state governments.

The border crossing conditions for our compatriots are reviewed almost every day. A number of countries have introduced strict restrictions on travel for tourist purposes, and some countries give "carte blanche" to cross the border, but again not for all foreign citizens. For example, from July 1, 2020, Egypt opened its borders to all countries, including Ukraine, but with certain remarks: only if the passenger fills Public Health Card and undergoes an express test after arrival at the airport.

Also, let us remember the situation that happened recently at the airport in Greece, where 17 Ukrainian citizens stuck. The Greek government was the first state that opened its border to tourists from July 1, 2020. The EU decided to open them only for certain countries, and Ukraine was out of this list. Therefore, the importance of constant monitoring of the situation by both airlines and the passengers themselves is very important here.

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Hand luggage 

We are systematically working on the possibility of expanding flights, taking into account the requirements of certain countries. For example, we plan to develop European directions, but we understand that this is possible only after the main restrictions for Ukrainians are eased. In mid-July, we launched a charter program in the direction of Turkey (Antalya, Bodrum), and starting from July 31, 2020, we plan to gradually increase the frequency of regular flights to Istanbul.

We have already flown to the UAE (Dubai). At the same time, certain restrictions were established by the governments of these countries, namely: permission to carry one piece of hand luggage in the cabin of the aircraft, and its weight was reduced - from seven to five kilograms, measuring 40X30X10 cm. In fact, such hand luggage should fit freely under the front passenger seat.

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In early August, we plan to resume flights to Italy (Rome, Milan, Naples) and Azerbaijan (Baku), on which the above restrictions will also apply. If these requirements are met, we will be able to avoid large crowds of passengers in the aisle and onboarding. If it turns out that your carry-on baggage is larger or heavier, you can check it into the hold for free. We advise you to weigh and measure your carry-on baggage in advance, and if large weight parameters are revealed, check it into the baggage compartment at the check-in counter or in the self-service area. Early transmission is very important - it helps to prevent crowding in the landing zone, which is of fundamental importance in our new epidemiological realities.

The airline's general requirements for hand luggage on other flights remain unchanged. For example, on flights to Odesa or Amsterdam, you can transport a backpack or bag weighing up to seven kilograms and 55X40X20 cm measuring. Of course, we constantly monitor the situation and in case of any changes, we promptly inform our passengers.

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No cash on board

Each airline and UIA is no exception, must adhere to all IATA (International Air Transport Association) and EAЅA (European Aviation Safety Agency) recommendations. After all, it is not just about sanitary safety, it is about life. Cash is known to be the source of thousands of bacteria and viruses that can pose a potential threat to humans.

Reputable organizations have confirmed that Covid-19 can spread through cash and live on it for a few days. For this reason, China has already started to get rid of cash. In our time, it is extremely important to pay great attention to hygiene and switch exclusively to cashless payments.

Following the recommendations of IATA and EASA, we also decided to completely eliminate the use of cash. Each passenger should remember that from now on, on any UIA flights, additional services can be obtained onboard the aircraft only if they pay by credit card. It's simple and safe.

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Experts can now only speculate on how the situation with the spread of the coronavirus will develop. We only have to adapt in a timely manner to the rules that will be dictated by the new market reality.

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