Street renaming: Hannah Arendt, Vladimir Horowitz, Milena Rudnytska streets appear in Kyiv

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November 12, Kyiv City Council deputies decided to name a number of streets, lanes, and boulevards in honor of the dead heroes of Donbas war, as well as well-known public, scientific, and cultural figures
09:54, 15 November 2019

On November 12, Kyiv City Council deputies decided to name a number of streets, lanes, and boulevards in honor of the dead heroes of Donbas war, as well as well-known public, scientific, and cultural figures. In total, 40 streets were named in Holosiyivsky, Solomiansky, Darnytsky and Shevchenkivsky districts of Kyiv.

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Holosiyivsky district

- Kholodnykh Family st. - to the brothers Mykola (botanist, microbiologist, founder of the national school of plant physiology, academician whose name is the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), Hryhoriy (a scientist, victim of Bolshevik terror), and Oleksiy (famous music critic).

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- Kistyakovsky Family st. – it included the forensic scientist, professor at Kyiv University, public figure Oleksandr Kistyakovsky, his sons Volodymyr (a chemical scientist), Bogdan (a law philosopher and sociologist), Igor (a lawyer and a politician) and grandson Heorhiy (an American physicist and chemist of Ukrainian origin).

- Vladimir Horowitz st. - Ukrainian and American pianist.

- Olena Apanovych st. - Ukrainian historian, archivist, writer.

- Athena Pashko st. - in honor of the Ukrainian poetess, public figure, wife of Vyacheslav Chornovol.

- Shemetov brothers st. - brothers Volodymyr, Serhiy, and Mykola, close associates of the hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky.

- Architect Dyachenko st. - the architect and public figure, the founder of the Ukrainian neo-baroque style.

- Yuriy Nemyrych st. - statesman and military leader during the war of liberation Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

- Kostya Huslysty lane - the researcher of the history of Ukraine of the Middle Ages, Ukrainian culture and ethnography.

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- Tadey Rylsky - a public and cultural figure, ethnographer, economist (father of Soviet poet Maksym Rylsky).

- Solomiya Pavlychko st. - writer, literary critic, translator, publicist (daughter of soviet poet Dmytro Pavlychko).

- Yurivsky lane - this name comes from the historical name of the village of Yurivka, the lane is attached to Zhulyanska and Chabanivska streets, named from nearby villages.

- Valerian Pidmohylny st. - writer and translator, one of the greatest prose writers of the Ukrainian “Executed Renaissance.”

Solomyansky district

- Dmytro Hrygoryevych st. - the aircraft designer, creator of the first seaplane.

- Serhiy Vysotsky st. - the historian and archaeologist, a specialist in the field of ancient Russian culture, a researcher of frescoes of Sofia of Kyiv.

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- Sarmatian lane - the nomadic Iranian-speaking people, akin to the Scythians, who lived at the turn of our era on the territory of Ukraine and the surrounding lands.

- Arkhyp Lulka st. - the designer of aircraft engines.

- Mykhailo Luchkay st. - the Transcarpathian linguist, folklorist, historian.

- Neil Khasevich st. - a famous artist, graphic artist, public and political figure.

- Serhiy Shyshko st. - the artist.

- Fedir Anders st. - in honor of the design engineer, author of the first airship in Ukraine.

- Professor Delaunay st. - Russian and Ukrainian scientist, mathematician, founder of the Kyiv Aeronautics Society.

- Oleksandr Bogomazov st. - the graphic artist, painter, teacher, art theorist.

- Anton Zhdanovych st. - the statesman and military leader during the liberation war of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

- Hannah Arendt st. - the American political scientist-theorist, author of works on totalitarianism.

- Scythian st. - the name is associated with Scythian mounds of the 5th-4th centuries. BC, discovered near Zhulyany, Kyiv.

- Sylvester Kosov st. - the cultural, educational and religious figure of the 17th century, philosopher, writer, Orthodox metropolitan of Kyiv, Halytsky, and all Russia.

- Hrendha-Donsky st. - the poet, prose writer, playwright, translator, a public and political activist of Transcarpathia, one of the creators of the Carpathian Ukraine.

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- Vasyl Sedlyar st. - the artist, monumental artist, graphic artist, art critic, teacher.

- Ivan Bilyk st. - the writer, historical novelist, translator.

- General Pavlenko st. - the coronet general of the Ukrainian People’s Republic.

- Mykhailo Deregus st. - the graphic artist and painter, professor.

- Stepan Erastov lane - the patron of the Ukrainian cultural movement in the Kuban, one of the founders of the Ukrainian Central Rada.

- Marusia Churay lane - the semi-legendary folk singer and poetess.

Darnytsky district

- Andriy Kyzyl st. - in honor of the Hero of Ukraine, major of the Armed forces of Ukraine, killed during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

- Milena Rudnytska st. - Ukrainian educator, women's activist, politician, and writer, leading activists of the Ukrainian Women's Union.

- Petro Radzin st. - ex-commander of the National Armed Forces of Latvia, which in 1918 entered the Ukrainian army of hetman Skoropadsky.

Holosiyivsky and Solomiansky districts

- Kyrylo Hvozdyk st. - monumental painter.

- Filip Konoval st. - one of the greatest Ukrainians of Canada, a hero of the First World War, the only Ukrainian in history who was awarded the Order of the Cross of Victoria.

Shevchenko district

Amina Okueva st. - Ukrainian doctor of Chechen descent, Euromaidan activist, convert to Islam, and a police lieutenant.

Andriy Abolmasov st. – j active participant in Euromaidan, Donbas volunteer, who died in eastern Ukraine.

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