Strategic victory: Kyiv celebrates Day of Liberation from Nazi Invaders

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Day of Liberation of Kyiv is marked annually on November 6
09:31, 6 November 2019

Liberation of Kyiv from fascist invaders in WWII, Kyiv
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The 76th anniversary of the Day of Liberation of Kyiv from Nazi Invaders will be marked in the capital. On November 6, Soviet troops freed Kyiv from Hitler's forces.

It was on this day in 1943 that the Soviet-Czechoslovak troops took control of the city, and a bridgehead was created for further liberation of right-bank Ukraine.

A little more than a week ago, Ukrainians celebrated the Day of Liberation from the Nazi Invaders - a national holiday dedicated to the expulsion of Nazi Germany and its allies out of the modern territory of our state during World War II.

How Kyiv was liberated

The troops of the First Ukrainian Front under the command of General Vatutin and the First Detached Czechoslovak Brigade under the command of Colonel Ludvík Svoboda fought on the Soviet side. At the end of September 1943, Soviet troops crossed Dnipro in Kyiv region and seized two bridgeheads on the right bank: to the north of the city - on Lyutizh - Vyshhorod line and to the south - in the vicinity of Velyky Bukrin village.


The advance of Soviet troops, which began on October 12-15 and 21-23 from Bukrin bridgehead was not successful, since the small size of the bridgehead made it difficult to concentrate troops and military equipment, and the enemy had a strong defense. At the same time, the troops of the 38th Army, which moved in the direction of the supporting attack, somewhat expanded the Lyutizh bridgehead. Based on this, the High Command ordered the Military Council of the First Ukrainian Front to transfer the main attack to the Lyutizh bridgehead.

By the end of November 4, Soviet troops were able to advance to Kyiv from the north for 5-6 km, having reached the suburbs of Priorka and the northern border of the city.

The crossing of Dnipro by forces of the 237 infantry division in the vicinity of Kazachy island helped the liberation of capital on November 4.

On the night of November 6, 1943, Soviet-Czechoslovak troops entered an almost empty city on fire.

Outcome and meaning of operation on the liberation of Kyiv

In the result of Kyiv offensive operation, Kyiv grouping of the enemy was defeated (15 German divisions were defeated), Nazi occupants were expelled from Kyiv and the strategic entry point was created in this area. It played an important role in the battles for right-bank Ukraine.

The victory of the Soviet troops during the battles for Kyiv was strategically important and influenced the further course of the war; however, it cost the earth, over 30.500 Soviet soldiers were killed, wounded or gone missing, while the losses of the enemy made 3.800 soldiers.

Regarding the results of the operation, 17.500 soldiers and commanders of the Soviet army were awarded by orders and medals for valor and heroism. The metro station Heroiv Dnipra (Heroes of Dnipro) was named after them.

Events dedicated to the liberation of Kyiv

On the occasion of the Day of Liberation of Kyiv, the various festive and solemn events will take place.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
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The bookish-illustrative exhibition “Chronicle of WWII: occupation and liberation of Kyiv” will work at the public library named after Lesia Ukrainka until November 14.

During whole of November, the theme-driven films will be presented in children's specialized cinemas Fakel, Start, Dnipro and Lira.

The bookish-documentary exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the expulsion of Nazi from Ukraine and the 76th anniversary of the expulsion of Nazi from Kyiv was opened on November 1 at State Archive of Kyiv.

Besides, during whole of November, the veterans of WWII will be congratulated. They stay in specialized residential buildings for elderly people and disabled persons, care homes and boarding houses.

In November, education institutions will host the meetings of Kyiv students and veterans and partakers of the war, exhibitions of pictures and posters, attendance of exposures of the museums of military and patriotic upbringing area, institutions of general secondary education, excursions to the National Museum of History of Ukraine during the WWII.

On November 6, the solemn ceremony of putting flowers to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier will take place at Park of Eternal Glory.

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