Servant of the People party urges Zelensky to sever diplomatic relations with Russia

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The faction notes that the actions of Russia pose an existential threat to Ukraine
19:07, 19 April 2021

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Servant of the People party urges President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to cut off diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation. Head of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Social Policy and Veterans’ Rights, MP from Servant of the People party Halyna Tretiakova published the statement on Facebook.

Statement on the appliance by the Russian Federation of the threat of force against Ukraine

We, the MPs of Ukraine – members of the parliamentary faction Servant of the People believe it is our professional and patriotic duty to speak concerning the tension artificially created by the Russian Federation along the state border with Ukraine.

We express full support to the efforts of the president of Ukraine to find the diplomatic solution to the situation and a realistic way to reach peace and return occupied territories and we also appreciate the international mediator for support of peace aspirations of Ukraine.

The principled stance of Ukraine in advocacy of the national interests around the talks table within the Trilateral Contact Group is justified and legal; the refusal to hold talks with the occupation administration of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbas, which is, in fact, the terrorist organization; categorical refusal to restore water supply to Crimea without beginning of talks about the status and return of this occupied territory, the international sanctions, considering the armed intervention against Ukraine, that inflict significant damage not only to the international reputation of Russia but also possible to lead to significant technological inferiority of this state in the future and deter its economic development; they cause irritancy and wrath of the Russian regime.

However, despite any logic, morality and care about their own people, the Russian authorities chose confrontation, pressure, and intimidation instead of a change of foreign policy course that is harmful to Russia. The Russian Federation has significantly strained tensions with states, alliances, and international organizations that traditionally actively and effectively support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, - EU, NATO, and, first of all, the U.S.

During the past months, the infamous grin and a tone of contempt of the Russian officials and mass media about Ukraine turned into the true language of hatred. The Russian politicians and officials speak frankly about the intention to pun an end to the Ukrainian nationhood.

In support of active diplomatic efforts of President of Ukraine, which aim to support the international support of Ukraine and diplomatic pressure on the Russian Federation, aiming to avoid the bloodiest and the most tragic scenario, we urge the Ukrainian government to step up the actions to prepare the country for defense.

For that purpose, we offer to hold an urgent session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with the participation of President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and chairs of special services to discuss the entire complex of measures and defense of our state, considering the military preparations of the Russian Federation and the forceful threats against our country.

We call on president of Ukraine, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

  • To break diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation;
  • To submit the draft law “On territorial defense” for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • To enlist the reservists in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and take steps in advance to provide the events of mobilization;
  • To urgently turn to governments of Great Britain and the United States, which signed the Memorandum on Security Guarantees due to Ukraine’s entry to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Arms on December 5, 1994 (the Budapest Memorandum), asking them to temporarily send their contingents to the territory of Ukraine as a deterrent of possible aggression by the Russian Federation – in the view of the fact that the Russian Federation broke its commitment to restrain itself from threatening or using military force against Ukraine;
  • According to Part. B of Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On the procedure of entry and conditions of stay of military units of foreign countries on the territory of Ukraine”, to sign and immediately submit for the Parliament’s ratification international treaties with respective states-strategic partners, which simplify the order of admittance of their military contingents onto the territory of Ukraine;
  • To turn to governments of NATO partner countries with offers:
  1. To temporary (for the period of the build-up of the forces of the Russian Federation near the borders of Ukraine) deploy anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense units and combat vessels in territorial waters of Ukraine, in order to deter Moscow’s possible aggressive actions on the sea and from the air;
  2. To provide urgent military and technical assistance for Ukraine with arms and ammunition for deterrence and provision of current defense needs of Ukraine in case the aggression occurs;
  3. To temporary (for the period of the build-up of the forces of the Russian Federation near the borders of Ukraine) deploy the joint operation in the Black Sea, which aims to patrol naval routes from the Bosporus Strait to the seaports of Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine;
  • To submit draft laws about the refusal from the joint use of the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait together with Russia, about the marking of state naval border and about implementation of other international and legal steps in the Black and Azov Seas, and the Kerch Strait, for the Verkhovna Rada’s consideration, marking them as urgent.

We offer the Cabinet of Ministers to do the following urgently:

  • Develop and approve the complex plan of substitution of products and services imported from the Russian Federation;
  • Consider issues of operative and strategic reserves;
  • Develop the plan of non-military deterrence of the Russian Federation by the means of extra sanctions and limitations – together with partner countries, including the EU and NATO members.

We urge the compatriots, Ukrainian business people who live and work on the territory of the Russian Federation and its satellite countries to finish their business there and return to Ukraine.

We urge the Ukrainian citizens to set aside political quarrels and join efforts for provision of guaranteed defense and security of independent Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!


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