Russia pays to stir anti-Ukrainian moods in Poland, - Gazeta Wyborcza

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Russian Federation financed rallies of Polish nationalists through Belorussian intermediary Alexander Usovskiy
12:59, 10 March 2017


Russian Federation has funded anti-Ukrainian rallies of Polish nationalists, through the intermediary from Belarus Alexander Usovskiy. It was reported by the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza.

According to the agency, Usovskiy was to receive 100 thousand euros from Russia to finance the groups. This is the first specified amount that became known through Ukrainian hacker groups CyberHunta and Cyber Alliance, after they hacked the email box of Usovskiy.

"The data stolen by Ukrainian hackers have become the first concrete evidence that Russia conducts anti-Ukrainian operations in Poland, and the right radicals, just like in Western Europe, became its allies "  the agency writes.

Belarusian had correspondence with Russian deputy and director of CIS countries Institute Konstantin Zatulin. Usovskiy assured him that not only can he spread pro-Russian propaganda, but also can effectively "drive a wedge between Poland and Ukraine”.

Zatulin hiself assured he had contacted Belarusian, but claims he did not give him the money. Russian official’s claims could be true, according to the daily.

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As the letters stolen by hackers show that Usovskiy was paid by people close to Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev who was previously accused of financing clashes in Crimea in spring 2014 and militants in Eastern Ukraine. Malofeev’s people paid Usovskiy 100 thousand euros, according to the agency. 20,5 thousand euros of which he immediately spent to buy a car. The correspondence shows that it was a part of the deal with Russian side. The rest of the money was used to pay for the rallies of the radicals in the Central Europe.

Belarusian organized several demonstrations in Poland, in which 100 people participated. He spent 13,5 thousand euros on this. This amount also includes the organization of press conferences. Usovskiy regularly sent reports of his spending. One of such documents shows that he organized the rally at the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw. The rally was under the slogan “Stop Ukrainian aggression in Donbas”and it had 70 participants. The Application to conduct this rally was filed by the Samoobrona party that was part of the ruling coalition in 2006-2007 along with PiS.

Usovskiy paid for the demonstration under slogans “Stop war in Ukraine! Stop crimes of Banderivtsi” in Warsaw, Rzeszow and Lublin on September 6, 2014. The nationalistic organization Obóz Wielkiej Polski and Światowy Kongres Kresowian took part in it. The demonstrations were organized at Ukrainian Embassy and near the Sejm building.

Belarusian also succeeded to place the articles in the press about the rallied he organized and published several videos in Youtube.

He successfully cooperated with Mateusz Piskorski who founded a clearly pro-Russian party Zmiana. Piskorski received Russian money through Belarusian. They discussed future anti-Ukrainian  actions and reaction of Moscow on them. Once Usovskiy sent Piskorski a video how pro-Russian terrorists in Donbas thanked him for support and anti-Ukrainian activity. Their next meeting was to take place in May 2016, but that did not happen. Polish special forces  arrested Piskorski for espionage for Russia against Poland

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine and Poland should recognize historical truth. Polish President will ask Poroshenko about the process of Minsk agreements implementation during the meeting.

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